Almost a week in without sugar


Well it has almost been a week now without sugar in our lives.  We have still had a bit of fruit, only one piece per person per day and apart from that no fructose (sugar).  In this week I have noticed some really interesting things about me, my family and others which I just wanted to quickly post in here while they were fresh and ‘on top’ for me.

  • We were all much more hooked on the sweet stuff than I thought.  Fructose that is as we didn’t really do ‘sugar’ as a product, just heaps of honey, fruit and dried fruit.
  • It has been much easier than I thought in many ways as there is no requirement to limit what we are eating just that it doesn’t contain sugar.  It means that when we are looking for sweet stuff we can easily grab something else – usually more nourishing and filling.  Our snacks have changed from baking and fruit to crackers and cheese with nuts.
  • The kids are actually eating much better at meals times.
  • I feel much more balanced in myself.  I am able to keep my temper and deal with situations rationally and calmly much easier than just a week ago.
  • I am full faster than before and often more satiated.
  • Lots of people and shops are intent on giving lollies (NZ for sweets or candy) to kids!!  It has always happened however I think I became a bit blase about it lately because I was tired of the ‘OMG you are so mean for not letting your kids have lollies’ look.
  • Fish and chips for tea is completely possible without Tomato Sauce!! Who knew?! 😉
  • Little Miss 7 has gone from sneezing and blowing her nose every morning till around 11 to having some days without a tissue being needed at all.  Even she made the connection!
  • The first few days were the easiest for us as we have had periods in the past without sugar for a day or two.  Hitting into day 4 and 5 I noticed that I was thinking about sweet stuff more and even the kids were including talk of sugar into their play!!
  • I am still hooked into my pattern of wanting something sweet after a meal.  So while I actually feel full from a smaller meal and honestly feel like I couldn’t fit anything in I am thinking about sweet stuff.
  • I have lost weight already from not having sugar even though I am eating whenever I want.
  • Other people are quick to tell me I’m being extreme or that sugar really isn’t that bad, the few times I have mentioned that we have ‘quit sugar’.
  • It is better, and easier, not to say anything and just educate us on making good choices.

So they are my big observations this far in.  It is definitely a positive change for our family and the benefits are already starting to show for us.  There are many challenges ahead I can see (Easter, visit to my Mum, weekend away, end of term party) however I’m beginning to plan for them now so that we are prepared.  A want to find that balance where the kids feel that they are eating this way because it is good for them and not that they are missing out.  This is the first time that I feel that I’m benefitting from ‘no sugar’ rather than missing out so that for me is a HUGE positive and one that I want to keep.




4 thoughts on “Almost a week in without sugar

    • Thanks lovely. I read your blog and thought about you living without your ju-je ju-je, I constantly think about them. Maybe I should of rented yours while you are away to see if I would get the mileage out of it. Safe travels.

  1. Am also trying to cut the sugar out. In the first 3 weeks of a sugar free household my already slim husband lost 3kg. Not me though! I find i still get intense cravings after meals and nothing seems to help

    • Yay you Deb. It definitely makes you think about food. I think me giving up fizzy drinks at Christmas has made this part easier. I craved sugar and food like crazy when I ditched the fizzy and ate like a horse!! That was probably my big sugar addiction as we didn’t really have a lot stuff with sugar in it, just honey. I still have times I want something sweet after meals however I think that is the habit I have got into. 21 days to form a habit so it’ll come easily very soon I’m sure if you are already 3 weeks in.

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