Cheap as Chips and much healthier for you!


So after a bit of a misunderstanding, between myself and the time zone in which I am being billed in through e-junkie that is, I have finally got the date I need to get these off my site by.  This Sunday 8th June 9pm (NZ time) all of the following items will be off the site so you have only a few days to make the most of these GREAT PRICES. 

Yes, all these wonderful products are now cheap as chips (everything under $5NZ) and much healthier for you. 🙂  All part of my de-cluttering and reorganising to simplify my life and what I am offering.  There are some great products here so NOW is your chance 🙂  The first one you can even get for free when you subscribe to my newsletter so you have nothing to lose.  Go over to now for a look


mother's little helper

Do you want an easy to follow list for creating a natural first aid kit?

Do you want natural remedies for your children rather than additive laden medicines?

Would you love to have a guide to helping your children flourish emotionally?

Then this is the book for YOU!! Within Mother’s Little Helper you will find recipes for healing balms, a list of kitchen cures to, a guide to creating natural first aid kits and how to use Bach Flowers remedies to relieve your child’s emotions and moods. This wonderful little book at a great price! In fact it is FREE when you sign up to the newsletter. What could be better than that price? 🙂 This is a must for any home that wants to embrace a more natural way of healing.

Downloadable PDF $14.95 NZ now $3.50 NZ

Well being and Health

Vivacious You Quick Guide to Weight Loss

Believe it or not, creating your ideal body and increasing your body confidence is as easy as following 4 basic ideas! This mini-guide gives you some ‘cost free‘ and practical tips to you on your journey to being fabulous in the body you have. Check out these 4 ideas along with which Bach Flower Remedies will get you on the right path to healing and creating the body you’ll love for less than you would pay for a cup of coffee!

Downloadable PDF $4.95 NZ now $1.00 


planner cover A Year in Progress 2014 – Plan, Record and Remember

Would you like to look back on the wonderful days spent with your children?

Do you want a diary which has space for organizing your days and recording those special moments?

Well it is already into June however it is never to late to record all those special things that are happen in your days with this little gem. It is diary organised into NZ School terms, along with space each week to write down your focus, daily activities and reflections. Pages for phone numbers, planning, brainstorming, notes, recording books read and books you want to read. A great one stop book.

Downloadable PDF $9.95 NZ now $2.50 NZ  


be good to yourselfBe good to yourself.

How good are you to yourself?

Do you give yourself time to re-charge and renew your spark?

No-one ever complained about working too much, so take some time to get this collection of inspirational ideas will make it easy to reconnect with yourself, the people you love and the world around you. All you need to do it dip in. A difference idea on each page and 100 page to choose from!

Downloadable PDF $9.95 NZ now $2.50 NZ

 Words from the Wise – 100% of E-book goes to New Zealand Women’s Refuge.

Have you ever wanted advice without on parenting having to ask?

Here is the answer you have been waiting for! A collection of quotes from parents, grandparents, midwives and care-givers from all over the world about parenting. It includes comments on getting through the day and lots of other useful tips from those that have walked before us. A great present idea and all funds go to Women’s Refuge.

Downloadable PDF $7.50 NZ now $3.50 NZ


knitting packLearn to Knit – Fiddly Fingers Easy Peasy Peggy Square Knit Book

Are you wondering what to do on these long winter nights?

Wondering what gifts to get your little ones?

Are you eager to re-kindle a craft or maybe learn a new one?

Fiddly Fingers learn to knit kit is for you then!! It will keep you busy creating for your loved ones while firing up your brain cells. This 39 page A4 e-book is full of patterns for toys that can be made easily with peggy squares. Instructions for creating a slip knot, casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch and casting off included along. Great teaching videos on You Tube which support the book too.

Downloadable PDF $14.95 NZ now $4.95

gingerbread menCreating Homemade Gifts with Kids

Everyone loves homemade gifts, especially grandparents! With these ten Fabulous and easy ideas to create gifts from the heart, your kids (and you) will be the talk of the town. All the ideas are easily made in your home at the kitchen table. Some are for adults and some ideas are for kids however all of them will enable you to spend quality time with your loved ones while making something special for your loved ones.

Downloadable PDF $9.95 NZ now $4.95 NZ  


maori song bookMe Ako Waiata, Me Ako Maaori

This is collection of songs and poems in Maaori which will support you and your family learning a new language. Have it playing in the background or actively learn and use the songs within your day, either way this is a great way to begin your language journey. Chords are included in the back as is a template for a resource to accompany one of the songs. Songs are embedded into the PDF.

Downloadable PDF with embedded songs $14.95 NZ now $4.95 NZ


Enjoy Arohanui


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