But what does it do?


We are pretty open in our family and the conversations flow very readily.  With one child who is more than a little obsessed with the body, and how it functions, we often end up talking about body parts some way, especially when healthy eating is mentioned.  The topics can range from just plain silly to complete over simulation of my grey matter!  One question that often comes up when we talk about food though is how it goes through the body and how all the body parts work. As I begin my explanations, the same question always arises…… ‘But what does it do?’

how your body works

I love that the kids are interested in how the body works! I remember being the same when I was little and even getting a book (How your body works) confiscated at school because I was trying to ‘educate’ the others as to the marvels of the human body.  So I thought I would blog a brief description on here, as a reminder for me and also for any of you who are having similar conversations about healthy eating and healthy bodies, of what some of our internal organs actually do for us 😉

Appendix – aids in immune system, stores useful bacteria for colon
Gall Bladder – aids digestion and stores bile produced by the liver.
Heart – pumps blood around the body
Intestines – absorbs nutrients and water. Breaks down molecules that body has not been able to digest.


Kidneys – filter for blood, removes wastes, part of urinary system, important in balancing blood pressure
Liver – vital organ which amongst other things detoxifies, synthesises proteins and produces bio-chemicals for digestion
Lungs – transport oxygen into the blood stream and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Pancreas – creates important hormones such as insulin and digestive enzymes.
Spleen – important part of immune system, removes old red blood cells, recycles iron in the body

Hope this finds you happy and healthy, enjoying your day!




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