In Gratitude.


Well it is the end of yet another month and it is time to show my gratitude to the people, places and organisations which have been there for me in some way or another.

It is so nice to do this list as it brings instant feelings of warmth, just thinking about all the support I actually have around me all the time.  It is easy for me, and probably you too, to get caught up in where things are going wrong and it is great to redress the balance here.

Why don’t you join me and create your own list?  You could blog about it, tweet, text, Facebook or use any other social media you can think of to share the love around.  Remind yourself of all the wonderful things in your life that you are grateful for and I guarantee you will feel fantastic at the end of it. Try it!  Go on, write that list and share it with the world!

Bush walks with themselves

Bush walks with themselves

Thanks so much to the following:  My supportive husband, my lovely and very cheeky kids, my health, my extended family, my friends, the ability to get online easily, Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy, bush walks, everyone that is offering fantastic advice for free online, living on the West Coast, the toy library, the ability to travel, train trips with family, living somewhere free from war, living somewhere that I am able to safely go out by myself, fresh eggs from our own chickens, living in a country where home-educating is completely ok to do :), the local library (I think this will always be here! We love the place), great books, old books borrowed, Resonate Magazine, an energetic dog to run with, beautiful sunny days, breaks away, good food, great flat traveller connections, reading challenges, the opportunity to be a volunteer with the local SPCA, home baking, music, knitting, cross stitch, my eyesight, charity shops, cards, a warm fire on a winter’s night and a cosy wee house in a beautiful location.

Issue 2 of Resonate eMagazine, which I have an article in.

Issue 2 of Resonate eMagazine, which I have an article in.

Hope this finds you full of gratitude for all the good in your life.



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