So much for being organized!


‘The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’…. and so it seems of women and families shifting 😉  It has to be said though that we are in our new ‘old’ home (we have returned to the same house we left 2.5 years ago) and though there is still a bit of unpacking, sorting, re-arranging and general life to be dealt to, everything is all good.

Checking out the views in Kaikoura.

Checking out the views in Kaikoura before catching the Ferry to our new ‘old’ home.

The plans that have gone awry?  Well, after spending my entire Sunday in the old house sorting everything so that ‘like would be with like’ the packers then just packed whatever wherever!! I was imagining that I would be able to unpack a kitchen box and know its contents (having ensured that only kitchen things were in the kitchen) however this was not to be.  On unpacking over the last weekend we discovered sheets in with books,  pencils, taken out of a jar, in with kitchen items while the jar (which the pencils came from) was in another box. Another jar of utensils was ‘cleverly’ spread between 4 different boxes and cords for printers and stereos were packed in different boxes from the said items! This is just a small example.

Yum! Kids have been feasting on our backyard oranges while I unpack.

Yum! Kids have been feasting on our backyard oranges while I unpack.

Maybe they thought I needed a challenge at the other end or maybe they just thought I needed a laugh.  Who knows??!!  In the end I did both – mixed with a bit of teeth grinding in frustration 😉  OMG!!!!  Please let this be the last shift for a very, very, very long time……

Hope this finds you in more order than myself



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