A free Christmas


A free Christmas? Surely she must be kidding I can hear you say….. however it may sound a bit more plausible if I tell you the ‘free’ I’m talking about is the ‘dietary requirements’ kind.

This will be my first Christmas sugar free, add to that the fact that I just feel better without gluten and dairy in my life and well….. it begs the question ‘how the hell am I going to have a Christmas cake this year??!!’

Last year's cake which was gluten free but still with sugar and dairy.

Last year’s cake which was gluten free but still with sugar and dairy.

I’ve looked in a few books and while there are options they are a bit limited to include all three. Many have honey and sugar or a pound load of butter.  I’m gearing myself up for a week of experimentation – replacing ingredients, juggling weights and generally praying, while crossing my fingers, that I will be producing something edible! 🙂

Last year's pavlova smothered in cream and loads of sugar inside.

Last year’s pavlova smothered in cream and loads of sugar inside… at least the strawberry part was healthy.

Last year I did make a pavlova (GF), one of my favourites, and I’m thinking of trying that with dextrose this year however I don’t like using that stuff too much. Sooooooo…..I’m posting this to see if you all have any wonderful ideas and recipes to share.  I will post any successes I have and would love to hear of your plans for ‘healthy’ Chrissy cakes this year.



4 thoughts on “A free Christmas

  1. Yumiko

    Good on you lovely – here are few links you might like to follow up. I’ve not tried any, but next year I shall be experimenting!
    This one has a yucky dairy replacement in it, but you could try something like coconut or cacao butter, or coconut oil and an extra egg; If you are ok with dairy it’s only asking for 100g of butter: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/christmascake_77307
    This one uses oil in place of the dairy: http://www.food.com/recipe/gluten-and-sugar-free-christmas-cake-334196
    This one sounds so yummy I want to make it myself!

    Let me taste your wares 😉

  2. I have some ideas. Already have a good GF option, now to make it sugar free as well. I saw a recipe in the Binn Inn booklet. I will dig it out (think it may be sugar free). Will keep you posted

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