Found it!!


Woo Hoo!!! and many thanks to my foodie friends who handed me recipes so quickly that I didn’t even need to look further than my hand 🙂

So after trying 2 different recipes – and doing my usual modifications in the process – we have a winner! Well it is actually two winners as both recipes were so yummy however one looked and tasted a bit more ‘Christmassy’.  It was a recipe from Binn Inn here in NZ.

I did make a bit of a faux pas on the sugar free front though….. without thinking I went and plonked glacé cherries in it before remembering that they are sugar packed!! I think I was carried away with the rosy red sight of them and the Christmas carols playing in the background for inspiration 🙂 Anyway I have rectified that for now by using an organic variety which are sweeten with apple juice. There are however some cherries which are freeze dried (Cherryvite brand) and have nothing added and I’d love to order them (no local stockist here and guessing that they wouldn’t arrive before Christmas) in for the next time!

The remains of my trial cake! Unfortunately I didn't get much as the sugar content gave me a headache :(

The remains of my trial cake! Unfortunately I didn’t get much as the sugar content gave me a headache 😦

I have put my modified recipes on the recipe page here however if you want the originals then check out the bottom of the recipe for the website links. 🙂

I also mentioned last week that I would be giving a link to some homemade craft ideas. I have decided to offer this through my facebook page Becoming Healthy NZ , if I can remember how that is 🙂 So come over and like me and have a look out in the next day.


Hope this finds you all calm, snuggly and sorted for Christmas.



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