Finding the Balance


Just back from a great weekend away with some friends and in recovery mode now as the reality of household chores dawns again 🙂  One thing that was mentioned a few times was ‘balance’ then low and behold if I don’t come across the message of balance at least three times since then!  Think the universe is sending me those messages.

Maintaining balance is a really important thing and yet it is so damn hard to achieve at times when the pressure hits. Balancing family, food, exercise, fun, education, …. and the list goes on, is a real skill in time and energy management.  One of the ‘messages’ I got about balance, which stood out for me, was about eating balance when I saw an article about Orthorexia nervosa.  Some of you may be wondering what the H%$ that is so feel free to click on the link for an accurate description while I muddle away with my own very short one here 🙂 Orthorexia nervosa is an obsession with avoiding eating food which is considered unhealthy which means that increasing the types of foods available are limited.


Fresh local unorganic produce which tasted all so good on holiday overseas.

This intrigued me as while I am keen to eat as much organic, raw and unprocessed food as possible I have also been thinking lately about just how healthy that really is. Is something that is raw and local, but not organic, healthier for me than something which is organic, processed and has travelled miles to get to me? Is worrying about weather my food is organic and costly healthier than just eating supermarket fare that fits my budget?  I often find myself having to balance cost and what works for my body with amounts and quality, but to what end? Is it healthier to avoid all foods which disagree with my body, even if it is ever so mildly, or just monitor the amounts I eat?

I’m just putting it out there because I am conscience of leading a ‘normal’ life as far as food goes and yet more and more I find that I am restricted in what I can and won’t eat and weighing up the costs.  In the end is it what I eat or how I eat that creates the true balance? Is is better to be at peace with the food you are eating, enjoying the fact that you have it and have someone to share it with than to worry about every tiny bit of food being ingested?

Some food for thought and you weigh up your scales.



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