My kefir journey so far….


In my bid to improve health and live simply I have recently enlisted the help of Kefir grains.  I figure that getting the real stuff through ferments is way better than popping  a pill and way cheaper!!

I was lucky enough to have a lovely friend offer me some of her grains, so the journey began.  I had been wanting them for a while after tasting some delicious kefir ‘yoghurt’ while we were down south.  I had the raw milk ready to go and I was off!! After checking out a few Internet sites I thought I pretty much knew what I was doing although I wasn’t sure how I would get that ‘sour cream’ as all the sites I looked at talked about a fizzy drink rather than a creamy delight.

My growing kefir grains

My growing kefir grains

Anyway I continued and found that sure enough the first few days did give me a kefir drink. I ploughed on though and decided to leave the grains in the milk just a bit longer, undisturbed, to happily munch their way through the lactose. Low and behold I had my thick creamy kefir yoghurt! 🙂 Now I really have no idea how I did this however I continued in the same vein, just transferred the grains with a plastic spoon to a new jar of milk without the straining they suggested on the Internet, and kept getting my pro-biotic rich morning treat.

It was delicious I have to say, to me anyway as the rest of the family would say otherwise, yet the sad fact was that even though the lactose was being eaten up the dairy still wasn’t agreeing with me.  Signs were beginning to show on my body that things weren’t all rosy.  One benefit I did notice though was that when I inadvertently had something with sugar in it I didn’t get the instant headache I used to get before having kefir?! Interesting I know and interesting enough to keep me experimenting.

Rice Milk kefir doing its thing

Rice Milk kefir doing its thing

So I decided to investigate using the grains in Rice Milk, after vaguely remembering it from somewhere. The results? Sweet, fizzy and oh so delicious!!  I think that it is actually yummier than the yoghurt I had going and faster.  It visibly grows clearer over the 24 hours (I guess as the grains eat up the ‘sugars’) and I change the grains into fresh rice milk each morning, enjoying the fizzy drink straight from the jar.  Even herself enjoys it and has just asked if she can make some of her own! Yay to experimentation and old fashioned eating 🙂

Hoping this finds you testing your taste buds with a few food experimentations too.




2 thoughts on “My kefir journey so far….

  1. Carlos

    Curious on what type of rice milk you’ve used. The supermarket bought version or do you blend it yourself from cooked rice?

    I know for coconut milk it is advisable to ‘refresh’ the grains on animal milk every now and then, is this required for rice milk?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi. I use shop bought milk, Vitasoy rice milk usually, just the plain one. I have tried other brands (organic and non-organic) and they do work however not quite as yummy or as good as the Vitasoy variety. I have ‘refreshed’ the grains at times however I’ve found that it isn’t that necessary with the rice milk I use. I drink mine every morning so I am giving my grain fresh milk each day and I just leave it on the bench top. If I am not going to use it daily (holidays etc) then I will give it a little cow’s milk and pop it in the fridge to rest. Hope that helps. 🙂 Y

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