Accidental recipes


Over the last week we have had many a disturbed night as both kids have been unwell so the brain is a little frazzled in the morning to say the least. Add to that the fact that we used Rice Flour for some fortune cookies on Friday and you have the recipe – well the reason – for my accidental recipe over the weekend.

My latest loaf of bread.

My latest loaf of bread.

You see in preforming my usual task of bread making I now almost work on automatic. The flour is in the front of the cupboard and I just pull them out and go, that is unless you have left the Rice Flour in the front where the White flour jar usually is??!!  It wasn’t until I began kneading that I realised the texture was a little strange. Hmmm…. the brain started processing as I slowly moved to the cupboard to check the labels on the jar to confirmed that I had indeed made our bread 1/2 wheat flour and 1/2 rice flour!

The proof was in the cutting and eating...

The proof was in the cutting and eating…

It didn’t rise quite to the same as an all wheat loaf however it did rise and the result is not too bad.  It passed the ‘lunch’ test – as in it was actually eaten at lunch 🙂 – at least. So I guess it is true that sometimes the universe brings you little surprises that you never imagined were possible.

Hope this finds you with lots of lovely surprises of your own this week.



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