Harvest Fritters


Well down here in the Southern Hemisphere it is truly harvest time.  The weather has begun to cool and from where I’m sitting I can even see a few golden leaves on the trees. While the plums and cherry tomatoes have long since been enjoyed the zucchini are still going strong!  It always amazes me just how many one plant can produce.

I’m not a huge fan of the stuff yet year after year we seem to have them in the garden.  Even in the worst of growing seasons, year after year, they produce more than I or my family could possibly want. This year however I had a bit of a brainstorm as to how I could get through them a little easier …… FRITTERS!!

Grating up the veg ready for the fritters.

Grating up the veg ready for the fritters.

It is a recipe that I have used with other things, and the kids love fritters, I just never thought of using zucchini in them. They have gone down a treat, especially with our home-made plum sauce,  and finally we are getting through the stockpile of veg 🙂  I have popped the recipe over with the recipes (funny that ay??!) and even made a GF, diary free version which is equally as yum.

Hope this finds you harvesting your own little treasures.




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