But what if………


Sometimes life brings you all sorts opportunities to make choices, well actually life constantly brings you opportunities to make choices. Like right now ….. I have chosen to procrastinate while writing this by flicking to Youtube and listening to Postmodern Juke-box remakes!!  Anyway back to the blog 🙂

So many choices and decisions are made each day, from what to eat, which task to do first, where to live etc etc.  Amazingly though often our choices all come down to one of two questions….. What will I get? or What will I miss out on? It is that simple and usually it is the ‘what will I miss out on’ question which dominates.

Think about it every decision we make we weigh up our gains and losses.  When I de-clutter I often think “But what if I give this away and then really need it and so miss out?” or even “If I don’t have this I will miss out on having a reminder of…..” Even when I am deciding my ‘niche’ market I still think ‘…. but what if I miss out on other clients by only working with busy parents?’  With invites out I ponder ‘What if it is a really awesome event and I miss out on a great time’. I hardly ever think about the gains I would have with less clutter or ‘perfect’ clients or that maybe in staying at home I would gain time to pursue something that I really love 🙂

So here is my challenge, to myself and anyone else who has made it this far into my ramblings. For the next week try only focusing on what you can gain when you make your choices.  Think about all the benefits that will had from your decision, all the good things and all the positives. I don’t think it will be an easy task however I am hoping that it may just be a life-changing one!

Hope this finds you finding the benefits in everything you do.



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