Why I love the tools that I have ….


This week I thought I’d share something that happened to me, something that I found really interesting and a great reminder of how powerful emotions can be.

A couple of months ago we had a bit of a stray kitten issue at the back of our property.  To cut a long story short, two out of the five stray cats trapped and de-sexed have not ‘come around’ to be friendly enough to adopt. The only solution, in the SPCA’s eyes was to release them back to where they had come from, as a managed stray colony. As I trapped them the SPCA wanted me to come and collect them and be responsible for them.

The whole idea of me trapping the kittens was to get them off the property, protect the native birds we have around and not have a dog barking morning and night at said kittens feeding with our hens. I was not keen at all to have them back! I love cats, just right now I have enough animals, tame ones, to worry about.  Anyway after a conversation I said that unless I heard different from the SPCA I would collect the kittens in 2 weeks ….. instead of just saying ‘No, I don’t want them back’ I tried to keep the peace and everyone happy by saying ‘yes’.

The back of our property taken over by the kittens.

The back of our property taken over by the kittens.

I never heard any more.  All I could think about were those kittens coming back and having to care for them. The weekend before I was meant to collect them I started having pain when breathing (Louise Hay says lungs are about taking life in) but I could still do things and felt fine so didn’t think anything more. My eldest got unwell the week we were meant to collect, then I got busy and then the time and day I was meant to collect passed.  I waited for the phone call. I kept thinking about and dreading the phone call.

One day turned into two and I started to get a sore throat (Louise Hay says problems in the throat are about swallowed anger and inability to speak up for one’s self.). I told my husband about the kitten situation at which he said that I really should have picked them up as I had said. Major Guilt!!  He was right though… I always tell my kids to do what they say they will and here I was avoiding it. I was struggling with doing the ‘right’ thing for SPCA – taking the kittens off their full hands – and doing the ‘right’ thing for me – saying NO.

Five days after I should of picked up the kittens I had no voice….. literally I couldn’t speak.  My throat wasn’t sore, I didn’t feel that unwell, I just couldn’t get my voice out beyond a horse whisper. I know that emotions control our health and yet I never put the two events of kittens and throat together until I woke in the middle of the night after 3 days of no voice.

The kittens…. it was all about the kittens.  I was angry at myself for not saying no, I was angry at the kittens for not getting friendly (sad, but true folks), I was feeling guilty at not keeping my word and I was frustrated as all hell that I couldn’t do the right thing and keep everyone happy. I tapped on my fingers as I lay in bed about everything that was coming up till I feel asleep.

Low and behold, next morning I woke feeling awesome again! My voice had returned  to normal and I had a confidence in ringing the SPCA to let them know that I was sorry for not collecting the kittens and that I didn’t want the kittens, if at all possible.  I was so amazed that in finding the true root of the issue I was able to clear away my ‘health issues’ and also find confidence to say ‘no’ so quickly and with such ease.

Hand tapping points.

Hand tapping points.

It isn’t always as easy to find the root cause of issues and of course sometimes the ‘health issue’ really is a health issue. Yet even in those times emotions come into play and hinder our healing.  Trusting your intuition, or finding some quiet time to listen to our inner voice, is sometimes the key to solving the problems we face.  It can be hard, believe me I know, yet the resulting freedom is worth it.

I always believed in the power of emotions and EFT for healing, this was a fantastic reminder of just how grateful I am to have tapping as a tool.

Hope this finds you getting to the true root of your issues and benefiting for it.



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