One of those days


So it just seems that it is going to be one of those days…. one of those days were I’m not quite feeling 100%, one of those days when things aren’t quite getting done and one of those days when I kind of wonder what on earth am I doing??!!  Why you may ask… well I’m pretty sure I’m in the middle of a healing crisis.

I know that I should know. I mean I identify it for others all the time expect when you are in the middle of one it feels very different.  When you are in the middle of a healing crisis you want to find a reason for it beyond doing something good for yourself and then having a ‘backlash’.

You see last Friday I had a Aura Soma colour consultation to see if I could help clear some reactive arthritis that has been hanging around.  I know that reactive arthritis is an auto-immune disease and also that many (if not all) auto-immune diseases are related to stress so I thought I would try something different to clear it.  Aura Soma, it has to be said, is way out there for me in many respects however I was open to trying something new as the old wasn’t working.

Do you know what… was actually incredibly interesting and powerful.  After picking my 4 coloured bottles based on what appealed to me the therapist then picked one for my birth-date and one for my ‘number’ (worked out on your birth-date and year).  When she read about each bottle I was blown away by she could describe me so accurately!  I then picked one bottle from those already selected which appealed the most- which again was soooo me 🙂 when she explained it later – and took that to apply to the body twice daily at home.

The bottle I came home with.

The bottle I came home with.

The outcome? Well…. the reactive arthritis has completely cleared for starters!  It does feel like one of those days today however in saying that since Friday I have felt more relaxed about things happening in my life, I have actually let go of something which I have been fighting to make work, I have received another client, my dreams (the ones you have at night not the goal kind) are amazing and on the other side of course there is the physical healing crisis that is occurring which is leaving me feel a bit wiped out. All in all though it has been worth the experience and I’m looking forward to moving through this part and into the new.

So on that note and while feeling happy that at least one thing got done today, I hope this finds you trying something that challenges you.



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