Occupying little hands


School’s out for Summer!…… school’s out forever! Well made not forever thanks Alice (hopefully some of you are old enough to know the song I’m referring too) 🙂  It is however definitely out for Summer though here in NZ and out for Christmas.

That means that aside from all the normal Christmas chaos there are also little (and possibly not so little) people to organise and entertain.  There may also be those last minute presents that you still need to collect so I thought that tonight I would share with you a e-booklet I created a while ago ‘Creating home-made gifts with kids’ or ‘Christmas on a Budget’.

Some card making efforts

Some card making efforts

It has 10 ideas in it for creating and making.  Ideas that your children can create by themselves or with little supervision – good for everyone!  You can find it over here to use and share as you will. If you like it I’d love to know 🙂

I’m off to have a break from blogging and reflexology for the next few weeks so that I can concentrate on getting my next e-book finished.  So that means that there won’t be any more Blogs from me until the new year.

Hope you all have an amazing start to 2016 and I’ll see you then.







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