The easier it is….


It has be a busy week around here, nothing too out of the ordinary… just that constant feeling of having to be somewhere or do something or organize things.  With my head in a spin I wasn’t even thinking about blogging until yesterday.

Yesterday we went up to see a family of five who are living in their house-bus which they have designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. As we spoke to them about their choices of food, fuel, materials and clothing it made me realise that I often forsake my values and what I find important to take the easy option.  I know that this is something the majority of us do so, truth be told, I wasn’t feeling that guilty…. just in awe that this family had really put their lifestyle where their mouth is 🙂  In each aspect of their journey and life they put thought into the everyday details and choices.

free set t

Fair Trade Organic cotton T-shirts by Free Set  who offer employment to women trapped in the sex trade.

I came away thinking how great it was that we had met this family and had an opportunity to chat to them.  Then once home and checking e-mails I read an article by Joshua Becker about how when things are easily accessible we tend to use them more.  It got me thinking about the family we had just met, about our own plans for travelling in a house-bus and dreams of living more sustainably.  Maybe that is the key…. the less we have around us (easily at hand) the more we have to think about the choices we make.

Food is a perfect example… when there are chips in the cupboard easily accessible you can bet those chips get munched! Yet when we don’t have them in the house I have to think about either going to the shops (a bit of a drive) or going without.  Usually it is the later as I start to weigh up time and effort. 🙂  It is true for other aspects of life too both  in a positive and negative way…. it seems the easier life is (and the more accessible the things we want are) the more we use it.

The easier we make it to get cheap, sugary food, unsustainable resources and materials the more we use however the same is true when organic, whole foods, sustainable resources and fair trade materials are easily accessible.  The reverse also works just as well… the more we use things the more accessible they become.  Ultimately it comes down to choices in consumerism and I’m so glad a meet some people that have made me think about mine.

Hope this finds you healthy, happy and full of life.




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