Feijoa Jam


On to week two of Feijoa recipes 🙂  We have finally finished our little stash of Feijoa so this will be the last Feijoa recipe for a while…. well until someone else gifts us a bag of fruit.  I have to say that the chutney is my favourite however themselves are fond of our feijoa jam too so I thought I would share that this week.

We have made one batch of it which actually goes a long way.  This jam recipe isn’t exactly sugar free with crystallised ginger as an ingredient though so heads up on that one :).  It is however pretty low in refined sugar and how much honey you add is completely up to you.  We like it a bit more on the tart side hence the low amount shown below.


Boiling up the feijoa and ginger.

Feijoa Jam – makes 8-10 small jars

– 1.8 kg feijoa (topped, tailed, washed and chopped with skins left on)

– 2 Cups water

-120 gms crystallised ginger

-Honey to taste (We like our jam a bit tangy so used 150 gm with quite sweet feijoa)

  • Boil up the ginger, feijoa and water for around 40 mins until the skins are soft
  • Take off the heat and blend smooth, taking care not to burn yourself.
  • Add honey to taste and boil again for around 10 mins or until ‘setting’ point is reached.
  • Pour into hot, clean jars and seal.

Hope this finds you seeing the beauty in the present.





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