Next time you’re shopping …


Now I know that lots of you are following me for the recipes and food posts that I make – which secretly still amazes me 🙂 – so this post may feel a little out of place.  However it is something that I think of every time I go shopping for produce.  It is the little problem of those plastic bags, all rolled up and ready to go, that they provide for us all at the supermarket.


Making our own produce bags.

While I already have re-usable shopping bags there is still all those little bits of produce that need to be contained within the main bag …. introducing the small plastic bags. I have done my fair share of letting my produce roll around happily and using the plastic bags …. neither of which I was completely satisfied with.   I confess I like order so invariably use the said bags and justify it by re-using them for our dog (think you can work out why)!  However as I have been re-thinking the whole dog collection business the fact that I’m stock piling plastic has become a bit of an issue.  So the other day when I spied a fellow shopper with re-usable produce bags I decided to stop procrastinating and actually do something! I understand that this problem may not apply to other countries or even be an issue however the solution I propose certainly can be adapted by all!

The solution?  Well actually there are two (aren’t you lucky you get to choose) … 1. Buy some re-usable bags  or 2. Make some!  My first choice was to make some as I’m into crafting and I like the idea of the my children seeing that there were alternatives to using plastic or buying something all the time.  After a bit of experimenting with crochet bags I decided that a simple knotted cotton bag  was the winner; for lightness, for child participation and actual time taken.  I used the idea from Scissors and Steam however I just used some 100% cotton twine, so that it is biodegradable, and knotted them – easy!


Proudly displaying her handmade bag.

While making the bag was fun, it was a lengthy process so I’m thinking that making a larger one and then buying a pack of smaller mesh style bags for grapes etc is going to be my middle ground.  My fellow shopper had actually got his bags in the market in Nelson however I found the site Rethink NZ which has 100% unbleached organic bags (he postage is a bit of a killer, almost the same as the bags, though so maybe check out if they have a stockist near you ).  There is also another company Onya which have 5 small mesh produce bags tucked up in a handy carry case which I can personally vouch for Onya after getting some in a local shop and revelling in plastic free produce collection today 🙂

Hope this finds you happy, healthy and full of ideas.





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