Winter Soups


It is that time of the year …  the time for soup.  Aside from absolutely loving soup I’d have to say that it pretty much epitomises my favourite style of cooking – ‘One Pot Wonders’.  This won’t be a long post,  merely a reminder that aside from being yummy and easy, soups are filling and so fantastically good for you nutritionally!


Celery, carrot and fresh herbs from the garden.

Doesn’t matter if you are vegan, a meat lover, a pescetarian, gluten free, diary free or have any other aversions or preferences …. a soup  is out there for you.  Only water, herbs and your favourite vegetables and/or meat needed! If I can create yummy soup, honestly it is possible for anyone.  Raid the fridge and the garden while you let your imagination and taste buds be your guide.

Hope this finds you remembering the simple pleasures of soup this winter (or next if you are in the Northern hemisphere) and enjoying life to the full.



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