An unplanned change in oven


So after not posting last week due to earthquakes shaking us up here in NZ followed by flooding which had us stuck at home and himself stuck at work I was all ready to post another recipe.  Then something far more interesting happened … our oven in the house broke!

So … mid savoury mince pie making we realized that the bottom part of the electric oven in the house was not cooking at all! This when we have visitors sent a few stress ripples into our cooking so decided to take emergency measures of lighting the gas oven in the bus.  Now remembering that said pie was in a dish to fit side home oven we then had try to fit it into the little bus oven.  Unfortunately we were out by about 1/2 cm so we had to bake the pie long ways which meant that while one end was cooking at a high temperature the other was at a lesser temperature ??!!  Follow lots of turning for even baking in order to stop the pie burning at one end while the other got to the correct temperature.


Ready to go in the oven.


First lesson learnt …. ensure all our trays, baking dishes and tins will fit in the new oven before we fill them ready to cook!  The thing is that I still need to do baking, for others, this week so I am a little nervous about the results  however it will be a good test run of how the oven works on the road I guess.  Just so you have an idea of size my new oven tray will be 28cm x 24cm so not entirely sure how many biscuits I’ll get on there however I’ll be sure to share the recipe and the results of my bus, gas run, oven next week.

Until then  … I hope this finds you with all your appliances working when and as you want them. 🙂



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