First Weeks. December 2016.


So ….. technically this isn’t my words however since I am still in holiday mode and himself has blogged I thought I would share. So for all of you who are wondering what we are doing then here is a little glimpse from the eyes of my partner.

1956 Home on Wheels


We are a family of four, we used to live the weekly work week lifestyle where, as the husband and father, I used to earn the main income while my wife home schooled the two children. A few years ago we decided to change our lifestyle and live in a house bus travelling around New Zealand finding an income as we go.

Earlier this month I resigned from my job and we took off in a 1956 Bedford bus which had been converted into a motorhome about 30 years ago. It might be 60 years old, but it is fun to drive and I think I will be able to learn to maintain it.

There are lots of unknowns, which makes the journey ahead a bit daunting. I keep thinking: Where will we get an income? Will we get used to living in this small space? How will we get…

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