Spring Clean


I don’t know if it because Spring has arrived or because being parked up in one spot gives you more time, maybe it was a little bit of practicing what I’m preaching.  Whatever the reason it has led to me doing a bit of a de-clutter online.


Connecting offline

My daughter was beginning a Cyber-safe badge through her online Guides yesterday and one of the first things they talked about was the importance of only being online friends with people you actually know.  Ahhh …… well ….. there is probably a bit of room for improvement there I thought as she questioned if I knew everyone I was ‘friends’ with on FB!

In fairness to myself, or at least in a bid for innocence ;), I have met at least 95% of my FB friends however there are a few people who friend requested me and when I saw they were friends of friends I accepted. The trouble is I did this on the assumption that they were actual face to face friends with my real life friends.  An old saying came to me ‘Those that assume make an ass out of you and me!!’. Without inquiring about their personal friendships I really didn’t know them, I didn’t know who their friends were or what they may do with the content I was sharing.

The other thing I had been noticing already was that I was being dragging into other people’s lives and dramas with each scroll I made, taking time away from my own life.  If they were people I held close fair enough you may say however these are people I have met once and hardly know, people I really don’t have a connection with aside from reading their FB posts and liking.  Instead of talking about our lives, our plans, our dramas,  I was beginning to talk more about their lives and issues.


So the challenge was on and last night I began my cull!  I deleted old e-mails left, right and centre.  I changed my settings.  I left groups which I never really participated in.  I unfriended people that I didn’t know personally or that I knew I won’t be inclined to contact (sometimes those FB posts give you a real insight to that person you thought was lovely) and others I just stopped following so I won’t see their posts in my feed so much.  I’m sure as you read this you can think of the FB friend who is constantly clogging your feed.  I’m hoping that in all this culling I will actually see the posts from friends and family that I haven’t seen for a long time.  I’m hoping that I can beat FB at its own game a little after all if I don’t have a multitude of ‘friends’ they will have to let me see the posts of those who are left … won’t they?  Time will tell I guess.

It is early days however already when I went to check my FB this morning I noticed that there was less clutter to hold me there. There were posts from people I care about and love, people that I connect with in different ways which meant that the posts only helped to deepened that connection.  I didn’t feel so caught up in it all and I could clearly see who would be next on my cull list.  Disconnection from all this overload has to be a good thing I’m thinking or maybe it will just be me enjoying some ignorant bliss. 😉

Hope this finds you with some space to yourselves and enjoying life.




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