Mindful March


Hello again! Here we are into the third month of 2021 and officially (here in NZ anyway) we are in autumn. I don’t think the planet knows it yet though as we have been enjoying warm balmy days lately and they don’t seem ready to end anytime soon 🙂 We are making the most of the sunshine, getting out for walks, enjoying strawberries and tomatoes in the garden along with having our day brighten by the sunflowers blooming next door.

The neighbour’s sunflowers in full bloom

Today I was teaching the first day of my course ‘Balancing Life as a Mum’ and it was fantastic to be back in the Kāpiti Women’s Centre. Though we still have some social distancing requirements it was wonderful to be with a group of women for the morning doing what I love. One of the topics was around journaling, which is one of the oldest forms of self help and one of the easiest, though sometimes one that we don’t make time for. When I arrived home I saw an email from Action for Happiness and was pleased to see that the action for today was all about noticing the good around you, which was one of the journaling options. While they don’t mention to jot it down, if you did it would help you boost your happiness even more 🙂

So I thought I would share Action For Happiness’ Mindful March calendar all ready for making the month ahead a great one!




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