One year sugar free!


Well Easter is now done and dusted!  The second for me without chocolate as I have now gone a year with out it.  I would love to say a year without sugar however that little devil is everywhere – especially in condiments and restaurant food 🙂

Themselves Easter present and eggs.

Themselves Easter present and eggs.

It has however been a year without buying baking, without shop hot chocolates (I now make my own rice milk and cacao ones at home though that are just as yum), without fizzy drinks (kombucha aside), without lollies and as I mentioned a year without chocolate!  Honestly I never thought I would be writing this, let alone be happy about it.

Who would of thought I'd make a whole year??!!

Who would of thought I’d make a whole year??!!

Sometimes it does make me feel a bit deprived of treats and other times glad that I am not bombarding my body the way I used to with that much sugar.

So as a way of celebrating I thought I’d put on a ‘1 year without sugar’ special on my products and services.  Obviously those of you further a field won’t be able to take advantage of the reflexology – everything else though can be sorted online 🙂

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