Bring in the new and out (hopefully) with the old!


I’m just back from very relaxing 5 days over the hill at my Mum’s.   With a fairly haphazard internet connection (actually that is probably being overly generous) I was un-able to get into my e-mails or work easily for the whole time and…….  It was FANTASTIC!!  I was able to enjoy just being, knitting by the fire while watching t.v. which is a real treat as I don’t have one at home :),  and reading without feeling guilty about doing work for the biz each night.

My knitting projects while away.

My knitting projects while away – a hat, a horse and a donkey along with the beginnings of another hat.

The best part of being away however was that I created a new habit. You see I am (or should I say was), and have been for a very long time, a post-dinner snacker.  There I have said it! 🙂  I know I’m not alone, it is just that my ‘snacking’ can often turn into an hour long, or longer,  munch while I work or talk.  Usually it is part of my procrastination plan – you know the one – it is where you are procrastinating over work and in order to feel ok about the said procrastination you make yourself busy with something else.  My something else is invariably food!

My ‘snacking’ is often healthy enough, it is just the sheer amount which I am eating and the fact that I’m not actually hungry when I begin that is the problem.  I also feel terribly guilty about it as I know it isn’t good for me.  In doing this most nights of the week I don’t ever give my body a decent chance to absorb as it is always ingesting and digesting.  It wasn’t intentional that I stopped my night snacks while away, and maybe that is the secret behind it working – it just happened 😉  A combination of busy hands, catching up with Mum, T.V. and the kitchen being in a different area of the house all helped I guess.  Usually whenever I make a conscience decision not to snack I end up spending the whole evening thinking about food only to rescind my decision by the second night!

Tea for one

My new evening ritual

Now that I have gone a whole week without snacking it feels great.  A hot drink (or two) is the most I’ve had in the evenings lately and I’m feeling so much better on waking each morning. I had read a long time ago about the body’s cycles (8 hours each of appropriation – ingesting and digesting, absorption and elimination) and I immediately understood the value of sticking to these yet the practical application of this theory continued to elude me!  I’m not going to jinx it now by saying that is the end of my evening snacks (A wise woman once told me ‘Never say never as you only end up looking the fool’) however I am hoping that this marks the beginning of a long lasting healthy new habit.

Hope this finds you enjoying your evening full of joy and happiness.