Time for another recipe!


Well I thought I would share another recipe this week.  If you have been following me for a while, or know me, then you’ll also know that I just can’t seem to help myself when it comes to adapting and changing recipes to fit what is in my cupboards!  Sometimes things work just fine and other times they are a big disaster, anyway…… here is one that work 🙂 My ‘Not so paleo anymore’ Pizza

Our first attempt at ou 'not so paleo anymore' pizza.

Our first attempt at ou ‘not so paleo anymore’ pizza.

The other week the kids had a request of pizza and while I actually love pizza it doesn’t love me so much any more.  We have tried a few gluten-free bases and still done the dairy toppings. We have also done a few gluten bases and dairy-free toppings and, just for balance a few GF and DF options none of which have really hit the spot for me and every time I find a recipe that looks yum the ingredient list is so fancy or expensive that I never try making it.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across a paleo pizza base recipe which I had the all the ingredients for (well almost) in my cupboard. I did change a few bits but actually when I did go and out and get the correct ingredients for a second batch the taste wasn’t that different.  The main thing is my version is not paleo and maybe just a little cheaper.

Thanks fastPaleo for the yum recipe which you can find in its unadulterated form here.  For my ‘what’s in the cupboard’ version then look in my recipe page.   Now I’m not saying that mine is healthier or better just that if you haven’t got the ingredients and need to make do then the pizza is still YUUMMMY!

Here are my modifications and suggestions from the recipe.

  •  I replaced coconut flour for chickpea
  • I replaced pumpkin puree for some left over roast pumpkin which I mashed up. This was quite sweet which is why I left out the maple syrup.
  • I left out the maple syrup and garlic powder
  • I just used the dried herbs I had and the flavours we like.
  • I put in tapioca starch instead of cassava flour.
  • Recipe makes one pizza however I doubled the recipe so that I could make a meat one for them lot and a veggie dairy-free one for myself (with goat’s cheese on top) and because we are big pizza munchers.
  • The spreading out of the base was a little time consuming, not too bad with an oiled spatula though, and for the flipping I found that sandwiching the bases between baking paper (one of which it was baking on already) was the easiest, if not the most economical, way of getting the little blighter over.

Hope this finds you creating your own new wonders.