Stress – letting it go to find more balance.


Stress in its simplest definition is a force which is put on something. A force which pushes at us from a certain direction or pulls us in another direction. A direction which we hadn’t intended to go sometimes. For many people that force is the constant demands our lifestyles make on us.  Sometimes it is stress from the demands of work, sometimes family commitments and for many it is from trying to find a balance between work and family. We often overwork ourselves in a few areas of life (employment, household chores, family demands) which creates an imbalance (we’re not doing the things we really want to do like having fun or relaxing) and can leave us feeling stressed.

As I talked to a client about stress from working too much the other day and how Bach Flower Remedies could help I realized that it may be a useful post to pop out into the world.  While Rescue Remedy is the ‘go to’ for many when they are stressed and possibly the only Bach Flower Remedy people know, this is only a ‘band-aid’ until you can find the real reason for the stress.  There are actually 38 Flower Remedies in the range and they each cater for a different emotion. Each one designed to deal with the root issue of what you are experiencing. Bach Flower Remedies work best when you match the remedy to the individual and how they are feeling.

You may think your stress is from something happening outside of you. Something external which is responsible for triggering all this stress but actually it is your thoughts and emotions internally which really create the stress. It is the thoughts and emotions you associate with your situation either consciously or unconsciously which begin the stress cycle. Not what you wanted to hear that, I know!! The great thing is though that if this stress is created by something happening within you then you can make the change to lessen that stress, to let it go and find more balance. You can create the shift without having to wait for anything or anyone out in the world to change.

There are lots of ways to achieve this however Bach Flower Remedies can be really effective in helping making it happen. They can help in easing the stress by getting to the underlying thought or emotion and matching a remedy to that. It all comes down to ‘Why?’. When we can take a moment and ask ‘Why’, you can begin to unravel the tangle of thoughts which can perpetuate the stress. 

As you sit here reading this take a deep breath in through the nose and out through your mouth, letting the whole jaw relax.  Repeat that two more times and then ask yourself the following; ‘Why do I feel so stressed?’  ‘Why do I work so hard?’ ‘Why do I feel overwhelmed by all I have to do?’. See what comes up. Write things down if you want (that can help reduce stress in itself).

With each answer you can ask yet another ‘Why?’ to get even deeper. When you feel that you’re done, think about how you answered and look below to see if there is a Bach Flower Remedy which may be effective in helping you release those stressed feelings.

My why = I overwork because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.  Try Centaury

My why = I overwork because I like to get it right (perfectionism). Try Rock Water

My why = I overwork because I have to provide for my family. Try Red Chestnut

My why = I overwork because I fear that I’ll lose my job. Try Mimulus

My why = I overwork because I like to do it my way (not able to delegate). Try Vine

My why = I overwork because I’m the only one who can do it on time. Try Impatiens

My why = I overwork because I don’t feel that I can give up and so I need to carry on. Try Oak

My why = I overwork because I feel it is my responsibility. Try Elm

My why = I overwork because it is what I have always done. Try Chestnut Bud

Obviously not everyone has a Bach Flower Remedy kit in the home but there are numerous places which can make you up a remedy – including me 🙂 – or where you can purchase bottles of the remedy you feel you need. Sometimes just the identifying of the issue can clear 90% of the stress! If you want to find out more about Bach Flowers before you try then check out my articles and books

Hope this finds you tipping the scales in the direction you want to create more balance and less stress.



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Winter Wellness – Part 4 – Lose the stress


This week I am gearing up to do my first 3 hour exam in over 20 years and I am feeling the stress creeping in with each day moving me closer to it.   It is amazing how sly stress can be! Honestly, just when I think that I’m on top of things and have this study thing sorted life gets on top of me and before I know it, I’m feeling that tension throughout my body.  


Thankfully we have lots of nature to get out into and de-stress

The bus isn’t the easiest place to study I have to say, apparently if you can be seen you must be spoken to :), and when you’re in a small town there aren’t that many quiet places to head off to either. So, I’m trying my best to get out of the stress loop by using the tools in my kete (basket) that I know work for me.  I figured that in a culture which too often rates your ability to cope under stress as an indicator of people’s success, others may like to try some of these little beauties to remove some of that stress naturally rather than having to ‘cope’ with it.

Get moving.  Exercise (aerobic especially) is proven to help relieve stress and other negative emotions such as depression.  When we move our bodies, it helps loosen and work all those muscles that you may be holding in tension, it gets you changing your focus, in increases oxygen to the brain and best of all those ‘feel good’ hormones get released.  Any kind of movement is good so pick one that you love and try and get out in nature with it to increase the benefits. 

Have a laugh.  Laughing creates a euphoric effect that will instantly release any tension you have. It can trigger the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers and feel good hormone) which helps you to feel better all over and to relax.  Laughter yoga is now offered in many places and can be a great way to connect with new people however failing that it may just be a good excuse to watch those comedies, silly youtube clips and share all those jokes you have!

Count to 10.  Taking deep breathes and a wee bit of time out is an age old classic that costs nothing and is very effective. The key to this is breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth as this helps relax the whole body … it is hard to keep tension in your body with your mouth open.  Research also shows that deep breathing helps trigger the vagus nerve (a cranial nerve which helps regulate the heart, digestion and lungs) and works with the parasympathic nervous system to bring us into that ‘rest and digest’ state of being rather than stuck in ‘fight/flight or freeze’ state of being. 

Meditate.  Even 5 mins a day of meditation will help stress levels though of course the longer you meditate the greater the benefits. This doesn’t have to be a big deal just find a quite spot, close your eyes (or look downwards, relaxing your gaze) and clear your mind of as much as you can.  First thing in the morning to ‘set you up’ for the day or last thing at night to help you unwind and get a good sleep can be really effective times.  There are loads of apps out there now which can help you get into the right headspace.

Essential oils.  Scent has a powerful impact on our bodies and can bring up memories and emotions easily. This is in part due to the fact that the olfactory nerve (whose nerve fibres in the nose allow us smell) are connected to the limbic system in the brain, rather than going through the cerebral cortex (our thinking part) which triggers these ‘primitive’ responses to what we are smelling.  Lavender is the most popular relaxant but there are plenty others to try.  This link may help you to begin your experimentation with scent.

Stretch.  A good stretch can help with the physical symptoms of stress.  Like exercise it gets you moving those muscles that may have been held in tension. Try a class of yoga which will combine breathing, stretching and exercise for a real stress reliever or even a basic stretch at your desk and see how good it feels. Here is a link to a few suggestions.

Bach Flower Remedies.  As many of you know I love Bach Flower Remedies and I’m a big believer that emotions dictate our health unless we intervene.  Bach Flowers are designed to work on emotions and can target the source of your negative emotions helping to increase the positive.  White Chestnut is a classic for those who continue with ‘mental conversations and/or internal arguments’, whereas Agrimony can help those who hide their stress behind a smile.  If you want to learn more and try a treatment bottle then check out my FREE quiz to find your remedies (don’t worry you don’t have to sign up to anything) and e-mail me to make you up a bottle. Otherwise you can find out more about Bach Flowers and have your own guide by checking out my book ‘Finding Calm and Balance’ which is on sale at a special price for the next week or so, along with my other e-books.


Only 99c (US) at the moment along with my other books

Hope this finds you a little calmer, a little less tense and enjoying the life you have.



A Freebie!


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During Magnificent Mama’s 12 week course you learn about:

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– Defining what is important to you

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Hope this finds you enjoying the life you have or creating the life you want.



A bit of bribery??


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mothers_modified_copy (1)

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Hope this finds you all  happy, healthy and sharing the love 🙂



Exploring the comfort zone.


So as I mentioned in the last post we have been all over the place with things – namely our health.  Much of the roller-coaster has been me adjusting to working a few nights a week doing reflexology and the flow on effects of that.

My reflexology room.

My reflexology room.

I have been a little stressed to say the least in stretching myself to have clients while juggling everything else. There has been a bit of guilt too over not being present of the family and at the same time there is also the question of ‘do I really want to do this?’  I love what I do, (reflexology and naturopathy) it is just the small sacrifices that need to be made in order to achieve my dreams.  The rushed bed times, the juggling jobs, the watching the clock, the missing out on evening conversations and having my mind in yet another space.  It seems that the idea of working in your business enough to get an income is quiet difference from the reality and how that reality impacts on the family!

End result?  I lot of eating on my behalf to try and squash all the emotions swirling around and a lot of pent up stress which has flowed onto the family causing us all being a bit unwell and all over the place.

My 'comfort' nut brownies which are now sugar and wheat free.

My ‘comfort’ nut brownies which are now sugar and wheat free.

There is something to be said for ‘comfort’, it feels good and makes the world feel better.  Not just the comforts of a home, loving family and friends or money but also the comfort of staying safe, secure and not extending too far.  These last three can however often prove to be a double edged sword.  While being safe should be about making good choices, weighing up options and thinking things through before moving ahead, for me it often is about eating.  Somewhere in my subconscious I have equated food with comfort, security and safety. Somewhere in my subconscious I have equated moving ahead as a risky business, far too risky to do without a lot of food or other stimulants and there in lays the double edged sword and I know I’m not alone.

I understand that my sub conscious thinks it is doing me a favour, honestly I do, it is just that it is kind of exhausting.  Thankfully I have left many of my vices behind me so the food I scoff is relatively healthy and thankfully I am now aware, yay EFT and Bach Flowers :), of what I am doing.  With moving forward with the business and actually having clients I have been slipping back into bad habits and searching the cupboards a lot more than usual in a bid to feel a little safer!  The thing I notice, now that I am aware of my actions, is that these ‘sub-conscious safely’ habits of mine end much faster than they used to and also that I am much more aware of the unwanted after effects.

Thank goodness for my Bach Flower Remedy kit!!

Thank goodness for my Bach Flower Remedy kit!!

In being more aware of my actions I realise that they are exactly that, ‘actions’, not ‘me all the time’ just the actions I take when I am stressed.  I don’t know if I will ever rid myself of them and sometimes I wonder if I ever should, I mean they are part of my safety check after all and we all need a safety check of sorts.  When I begin to search the cupboards now though I know something is up and that I am at the outer limits of my comfort zone.  It allows me to take a step back, not from the cupboard always 🙂 , and think about what is happening.

So maybe from now on I will be a bit kinder to myself and my vices and realise they are trying to convey a message to me rather than sabotage my life.  Maybe in being a little kinder to them they will be a little kinder to me in visiting less frequently.

Hope this finds you exploring your own safety measures a little less harshly and resting easy with them.



Easing through the stress


Honestly there really isn’t that much to stress about with this move; we are getting packers, the house has been freshly painted, all the maintenance on the property is done, it is a landlord’s market here with hardly anything to rent, himself will be here pretty much until we move and the kids are old enough to help.  Yet, me being me I still find something to worry about and stress over!

Our house on the hill

Our house on the hill

Last shift (2.5 years ago) my eating wasn’t as good as it was now and I resorted to late nights mixed with V energy drinks and rescue remedy to see me through. This time I am in much better health and with the absence of sugar in my diet there will be no V this time around 🙂 However the stress has made an old problem re-surface; diverticulitis.

I have pretty much sorted this diverticular dis-ease, which I have had for close to a decade, with changing my life style and eating however in times of stress is does appear for short bursts with vengeance!  In these times I get tapping, keep up the exercise and Bach Flowers to help the emotional side and I usually revert to a gluten free, diary free, increased liquids along with a nut and seed free way of eating which equates to a fairly dull old meal time.

So imagine my delight when I read a great wee recipe in my running magazine for a yummy wee ‘pancakes’ which fit into the above criteria!  I thought I would share it here because they really were very easy, yummy and best of all healthy 🙂

Coconut and Banana Pancakes

Thanks to Runners World Magazine – November 2014

  •  2 bananas
  • 45g ground almonds
  • 15g desiccated coconut
  • 1 egg
  1.  Mash bananas (just realised I did both when the recipe says one and to use the other for a topping – still yummy though) in a bowl and stir in the ground almonds and coconut.
  2.  Beat in the egg. (Recipe says to add in milk to make a batter however in using both bananas in the recipe I didn’t do this).
  3. Heat some oil in a frying pan and place a few teaspoonful amounts into the pan, keeping them separate.
  4. Cook for 3-4 minutes until golden underneath and then flip over and cook till the other side is golden.
  5. Serve as they are for a yummy morning tea or top with a drizzle of honey and  sliced banana for an easy dessert.
  6. Enjoy

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and pain-free 🙂



Living one day at a time


So I had a good lesson last week in living in the present moment and not trying to rush ahead with life – my usual tactic- when my scheduled post only to have it disappear into cyber space. Today I had another reminder on the importance of living one day at a time so here I sit on a Monday night and type so that I know it will actually publish! 🙂

The truth is though that I am bloody impatient in life. There I’ve said it.  I’m the person who is always thinking 3 steps ahead while working on a task. I’m the one who literally can’t sit still because I have so many things that I could be doing.  I’m the one who hates waiting to do or say something which could be happening now.  I’d love to sugar coat my impatience as enthusiasm however it isn’t that sweet.  My impatience often turns to irritation at myself and others which is not the best look for someone advocating health and stress-less days! 🙂

Making the most of a snowy Porters Pass for a quick play

Making the most of a snowy Porters Pass for a quick play

I do however notice that the more I think and talk about stress-less tools, emotional release tools (EFT and Bach Flower Remedies) along with well-being, the more I am aware of my actions and the faster I am able to ‘nip’ my behaviour in the bud.  I bring my focus back to the here and now so that I can make that moment count.  Time is not renewable and actions speak louder than words.  I’m learning. I’m learning minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day to make the most of it all.

Extending our lunch time so the kids can enjoy make their own meal.

Extending our lunch time so the kids can enjoy make their own meal.

As I said today while out I was reminded of all of this as a woman shared her life story with me.  Everything can change in an instant so it is important to make sure I am living the life I want.  I am so fortunate to live the life I do.  I am also so fortunate to have a loving and supportive network around me, of both friends and family, and even though sometimes my hurried arse is too busy to show it I am so, so grateful for all of you and everything you bring to my life.

Sending you all lots of loving thoughts and reminders to make the most of each of your days with the ones you love.



Six weeks in and ……


So it has now been 6 weeks since I have begun this sugar free lifestyle.  I haven’t really keep count,  as it just feels like a nature part of life now, it’s  just that someone asked me the other day and I really had no idea so decided to count it up 😉  It has taken a bit of work to be sugar free at times especially in double checking labels of food that we had regularly and replacing them for homemade versions when I found they contained sugar, pre-made tortilla is a perfect example of this. However on the whole, with the cupboards set up with heaps of sugar free foods it has been pretty easy. 

I got through Easter sugar free (though not fructose free as I had some dried currents in our homemade hot cross buns) and a weekend away then last week a few bit of sugar did creep in.  Some as part of meals out (stewed fruit given to us, cream sweeten up and in a salad dressing) and some through choice (curry paste with less than 3gm per 100gm).  I have got to say that while there was a bit of guilt I do try to work on the 80/20 rule in life so figured that as long as the serves were small and I wasn’t making a habit of it, things were all good.  The thing is that I really noticed the difference in my moods on the day after having that wee bit of sugar.  I suddenly felt irritable and a bit volatile along with a mild headache which nagged ever so slightly at me. Thankfully I had a few Bach Flower Remedies to get me through along with a bit of tapping and by the following day I felt good as gold again 😉  Maybe it was coincidence that I had those feelings all in the same week as I had bits of sugar, maybe …….. and then again maybe not.  I certainly felt calmer when no sugar was in my diet that is for sure and it has been a good reminder of why I really began this – to improve my health and well-being (emotionally and physically).


What was left of the second batch minus the crosses as little ones were eager to begin munching.

My journey to giving up sugar has been a gradual one in improving my health, until this final cutting off of all sugar (apart from fresh fruit) that is.  When we decided to have kids I gave up alcohol, luckily for me I was pregnant 2 weeks after that so I had to continue with that sugar loss 😉  From there a realisation that wheat was playing havoc with my stomach made me reduce baked goods. My daughter then developed eczema and while there were no allergies it seemed that the more processed i.e. the more ingredients in it, the more she flared up.  So that meant that I began reading labels more and once you read those labels it isn’t long before you are buying food stuffs without sugar.  I was however still a big fizzy bubbly (soda) drinker, tomato sauce user and a humongous honey hogger!  These were my staples for coping, and feeling normal, until I read an article last December about how fizzy drinks can deplete the calcium in your bones not to mention what it does to your teeth.  Being a runner – well that is what I call the thing I do in the mornings 😉 – I didn’t want to be breaking any bones so the fizzy bubbly was the next to go.

That left my trusty friends honey and tomato sauce (ketchup), along with fresh and dried fruit giving me most of my sugar hits.  It is at this point that I read about Sarah Wilson’s book. ‘What??!! Give up fruit and honey?’ ‘She must be mental’ I thought.  It planted a seed though. A seed that niggled at me and grew till I eventually went to the library to order her book.  It was then that I found and read David Gillespie’s book and the rest is history 😉  No more tomato sauce and no more honey!  I can hardly believe it some days.

I have kept in the fresh fruit for a snacks if needed (dried fruit has been left a bit abandoned on the shelf except of Easter buns)  and use this in baking. It just comes down to preferring to use naturally occurring products versus processed, like dextrose, for me.  I save the dextrose for those occasions, like my Mum’s birthday cake, when the receiver really just wants to taste a yummy sweet baked good and not banana dense wholemeal option 😉 My experiments with the glucose syrup, which I found out is made with completely GM free corn from NZ thanks Queen Fine Foods, have not been that successful so that has be ditched too.  I’m happy to have fresh fruit, mostly oranges, pears and kiwifruit now, as the sweeter in my life (baking  and raw) instead of all the other stuff.  I can go into shops and walk down the lollie (sweets) aisle with ease and even the chocolate section isn’t a big attraction anymore.  I do still have cravings for food however it is just that food, not the sweet sugar stuff that I used to think about.  Usually nuts can quell it pretty fast, thankfully, along with my trusty Bach Flower Remedies 😉


The past 6 weeks have certainly been an interesting journey into what works best for my body and also just how much I don’t miss all those sugar laden foods when I am eating whole, nourishing foods. Here is to continued health, vitality and enjoying life.

Till next week.




Eliminating emotional eating


Just back from an amazing weekend away in the beautiful Golden Bay region.  It was the first time I have been away overnight without themselves for a few years so it really was great, add to that 6 other fantastic women and learning a craft and I was on cloud nine. 

Before heading away for the long weekend I had decided not to be too strict with myself over sugar, mainly because much of the food was catered and because I really didn’t know how I would be with treats around and others eating them.  I had planned ahead a little though and made sure that I purchased sugar free snacks to share – corn chips, nuts and houmous – along with having breakfast goodies and also a few staples.  I needn’t of worried though as even when the delicious chocolate dessert came out on the first night I was happy to say ‘no thanks’ and leave it at that!  Morning teas, with baked and multi-sugared offerings, desserts and even chocolate snacks didn’t even draw me closer.  I KNOW!!  I’m as shocked as you!  I remember reading in ‘Sweet Poison’ that when the addiction lifted goodies wouldn’t be an issue however I half laughed when I read it thinking ‘yeah right mate!’  The thing is he was right.  There was no craving there at all, it was just another food on the plate rather than then great temptress it had been some 2 months earlier.


Baskets I made over the weekend.

Now here is the interesting part for me….. while I was away I wasn’t really craving anything – sugary or otherwise.  I ate my 3 meals each day,  only had a snack late afternoon as I was genuinely hungry and tea wasn’t till much later, and had no thoughts of eating more than that.  I guess I was busy weaving and learning new skills in the day and then talking in the evening so maybe that was the reason.  The thing is that as soon as I got home the ‘search for food’ was on.  I wasn’t even hungry yet by walking through the home threshold I had reverted to old patterns of eating between meals and wanting second helpings. The difference, from the 4 days prior, shocked me and reminded me yet again of the power of emotions and emotional eating! In coming home I had come back to the little triggers in life that seeing me reaching for food rather than expressing my emotions in positive ways.

I have known for a while that my overeating is linked to my emotions however after reading David Gillespie’s book I had secretly hoped that maybe, just maybe, eliminating the sugar would eliminate that emotional eating I had hooked myself into.  This weekend, and coming home, as shown me that while changing foods and eating habits are very helpful in getting you on the path of becoming healthy it won’t change much if you are still holding onto those emotional triggers that caused you to grab for the wrong foods in the first place. Sure the food I grab for is much, much healthier now that I’m not addicted to sugar just that in my quest for health and good habits around food it isn’t quite enough.  Clearing the emotional baggage is the only way, yes the only way to eliminate that emotional eating.


Bach Flower Remedies are great for clearing emotional triggers to eating.

Throughout this journey, and before, I have been using Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help me when I have wanted to eat rather than expressing or releasing emotions.  I have even created EFT you-tube videos for it and documents about which BFR are good!  So it was a good wake up call to take my own advice and use the tools I know work so well to help me clear all those emotional triggers I locked in so long ago.  It is hard I’ll say that, harder than giving up sugar, as it is a life time of using food as a support system.  My aim is to eating healthfully though and in a way that nourishes my body rather than punishing it so it is important to deal with more than just the food going in.  I need to deal with the why.  Maybe you do to so, I thought I would pop in a few remedies that I have found useful.  Of course everyone is different so if you want to find the remedies which best suit you then check out my quiz to get the right one for you. 

Agrimony – if you find yourself comfort eating to stay happy and to stop thinking about your problems or uncomfortable feelings. It will get rid of your inner restlessness and express emotions easier.

Centaury – to help you say ‘no’ to food you can’t resist or to ‘kind’ friends who offer a piece of cake to go with your coffee! If you don’t like hurting people’s feelings and eat to please others then Centaury will really help you.

Chestnut Bud – if you are a yo-yo dieter. When you don’t learn from the past and keep repeating the same mistakes (like reaching for that chocolate bar!) then this is a remedy for you.

Crab Apple – if you have poor body image and become obsessed with the details of diets.

Gentian – if you are easily set back and become despondent if something goes wrong. Maybe you doubt your ability to eat healthy food or lose weight or you give up if you don’t have a good weight loss straight away.

Holly – if you eat because you are angry, jealous or have deep hurts from the past.

Star of Bethlehem – if your eating is for comfort after a trauma, shock, grief or fright.  This can be something that happened recently or in the past. 

Well there are a few to start you off and if you want to read more then check out my document ‘Creating a Vivacious you’ or complete the quiz. 

Hope this finds you all happy, healthy and full of energy for the week ahead.