Amazing People


At this time of year amazing people, doing amazing things, seem to come into my range of vision all the more clearly. I know they are actually doing the hard yards all year long yet for some reason as Christmas starts to rock closer these amazing people and their stories come to the forefront. People who are creating real change in the world around them. People who see a need and then take action.

If you’re anything like me then you often see the need but often don’t know how to create a change. While I volunteer and donate where and when I can I definitely don’t put in the amount of work these amazing people do. They are the life changers, the ones that bring a ray of hope to others.

Money is tight at the moment all around the world for sure so it feels like these groups and individuals who are doing for others are all the more important to invest in. The reality is that some of us (myself included here) are better off than others. Some of us are able to give more yet we prioritize other things. It’s understandable … we need to look out for our own before we can think about others. We are a pretty minimalist and frugal family it has to be said but I have never had to worry about a warm roof over mine or our kids heads … thanks Mum and Himself. I can shop without worrying what I may have to leave out. We have hot running water inside and when the weather turns bad we don’t have to think twice about putting on the heating. For that I am extremely grateful. Many others are not so fortunate.

So in the week before Christmas when my spending on ‘stuff’ can go overboard I like to try and remember all those amazing people and those they are impacting. I like to give a bit more to them instead of to ourselves ….. an extra can into the food bank, a $20 donation for the Women’s refuge to provide a bed for someone, a de-cluttering donation of items we have ‘grown out’ of or a small donation of time.

Obviously we all have our own priorities but I encourage you to consider (if you’re in a position to) giving a little something to some of these amazing people so they can spread it around; be it a can of food, a small donation or your time. Even ringing someone you know needs support may just help another support network have less pressure put on it …. every little bit counts more that we know. One of the best bits is that both you as the giver and the receiver benefit!

Below are some of my favourites in New Zealand but I’m sure you’ll have your own local and international ones 🙂

Hope this finds you see the amazing people in the world while remembering that you are one too.



A different kind of advent


Today I had a bit of a revelation!! In the midst of de-cluttering, sorting my ‘stuff’ and bemoaning that as soon as I clear a space more ‘stuff’ fills it (especially at Christmas Time) I suddenly realised just how abundant my life actually is.  Today I saw just how much abundance was around me in my everyday life and realised that I was pretty lucky to have so much when others don’t.

This revelation then suddenly linked itself (as thoughts often do) to something I had spotted on Facebook the other night which focused on passing the abundance on.  It was such a great idea that I left the computer to go and begin at once!! So I am going to share it here so that if some of you are thinking/worrying/anticipating the Christmas increase of ‘stuff’ then you can pass on a bit of your abundance too.


The beginnings of our bag. Decided to put in a week at a time 🙂

It is simple enough…… instead of having an advent calendar which you open and collect goodies out of you have an advent box or bag which you put goodies into. 25 items – one each day – that you then give to a local foodbank, homeless person or person in need on Christmas Eve.  It is so simple and do-able for so many of us that I wanted to share.   Of course it doesn’t need to stop at Christmas…… we can share our abundance any time of the year 🙂

Many of us are stocking the cupboards for Christmas anyway and many more of us stock them all year round.  So why not let some of the abundance which has come to us this year be passed on to others?  Maybe if we focus on receiving things with joy and then passing them on, be it food/clothing/gifts/books or whatever we can spread a bit more abundance everywhere.

Hope this finds you enjoying the life you are in.