Creating a Vivacious You


Ok, so I admit it! This is a bit of shameless promotion.  I can’t help it though, really :), it is just that I am so amazed that I actually, finally formatted one of my booklets into an e-book. Yes, a real, find-it-on-the-Internet e-book!

My first FREE e-book

My first FREE e-book

I was originally aiming at getting another e-course into an e-book but the procrastination was so strong and the weight of looking at it always sitting on my ‘to do’ list was so great that I decided to begin a little smaller.  So here is my first e-book offering folks –  ‘Creating a Vivacious You – a guide to weight loss and health.   You can now find it FREE on Smashwords, Paper Plus  and Barnes and Noble  . Hopefully it will be other places very soon.

I wrote  ‘Creating a Vivacious You – a guide to weight loss and health.   as a quick and easy read to remind us all that actually becoming healthy and losing weight (if you need to) doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive thing.  In the past I have got caught up in the hype of ‘diet’ plans and/or ‘exercise’ plans only to realise that they are either very expensive or completely unrealistic to continue with long term.  Most can’t fit into a normal life easily which makes them even harder to stick to. The result for me, and I’m guessing many of you, was a spiral of lapses in the plan and continual guilt.

That is when I decided that I would get ‘back to basics’, listen to my body more and explore why I felt I had to change the way I looked in the first place and why I ate the items and amounts I did.  Feeling great doesn’t have to be complicated or cost lots of money. Becoming Healthy is available to us all which is why I wanted to share what I have learnt, used and continue to use along my journey of health.

Anyway, I’d love for you to check out Creating a Vivacious You!  It is FREE so make the most of it for yourself or someone else you think would enjoy it.  If you think it is good then I’d be so grateful for a review or a share and if you think it is less than good I’d love some feedback as to how I can improve it.

Hope this finds you enjoying life to the fullest