What is behind that allergy or intolerance?


I have to admit that I really do have writer’s block tonight …. it seems my brain has gone on strike for the past week and I am still waiting for it to return to work 🙂


Thanks to My R.A. Diary for the pic

I have however been thinking a lot about emotions (past experiences and our feelings about these) and a possible link to food allergies/intolerance we have.  I have heard of people being allergic to food which is related to a loved ones time of death, allergies related to foods that an antagonistic enjoyed and even allergies to certain colours of food after having a traumatic experience from someone wearing that colour.  These may seem vague as I am trying not to identify people however I’m sure that you can all find a simple story in your family or social circles.  An allergy or intolerance that has links to some traumatic event, person or time in their life.

It seems I’m not the only one who has been thinking about this link either so my offering tonight is some ‘food for thought’ and a link to an article I found called ‘The Emotional Component to Allergies‘.

Hope this finds you exploring new possibilities and breaking down old patterns.






Whose ‘stuff’ are you carrying?


This popped into my inbox this past week from Eric Ungs at ‘Unless You Care’ and I thought, aside from a busy Monday, it carried such a good reminder about not taking on other people’s issues that I had to copy and paste here.


Do It Differently Tomorrow

In reflecting about my day today, tomorrow I will do it differently when I receive an unwarranted reaction. Looking back at that moment now, I am realizing that it was just that, an unwarranted and unequipped reaction. Not a mindful response.

Regardless of this person’s reaction or why it occurred in the first place, I will do it differently by not letting it affect my output or internal dialogue.

How the person reacts is not a worry or stress that belongs in my world. This occurred, even though directed at me, in this other person’s world.

I am going to do it differently by not letting it affect my self confidence or self worth. I am going to do it differently by not letting this prevent me from continuing to do what I do best. Or, how I think it must be done in order for it to be done the best way I know how. I am going to do it differently by not letting it become the voice in my head; ego, fear, negativity, self doubt.

When deep in the trenches of negative self dialogue stemming from these kinds of reactions from others, I would find myself buried in the head chatter for days and weeks.

Since committing to a journey of intentional self growth, I’ve learned how to climb out of those head chattered trenches. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s easier to climb out of those trenches, because it still takes work.

What it does is makes you more aware of being in the trenches. Deeper yet, understanding what those trenches are in the first place. It’s understanding yourself. It’s listening to your body, your life, and the world around you. It’s instilling intentional actions into each of your days equipping you to be mindful of the moment you are in.

The key to understanding the trench you may find yourself in is knowing that reactions from others, to you, aren’t to be held on your shoulders. Instead, it’s the extra baggage that is the heaviness within their own world.

Reacting to another person’s reaction is merely bringing a piece of their world into yours. Tweet this

That’s what I would do differently tomorrow. I would climb out of the trenches quicker and move forward. However, I’m grateful for having that level of self awareness to realize I was even in the trenches. I could have been there longer, which in turn could have created a ripple affect into the other areas of my world; family, friends, other projects, etc.

The best is yet to come.

Hope this finds you leaving other people’s dramas, reactions and stuff where it belongs – with them.