What is behind that allergy or intolerance?


I have to admit that I really do have writer’s block tonight …. it seems my brain has gone on strike for the past week and I am still waiting for it to return to work 🙂


Thanks to My R.A. Diary for the pic

I have however been thinking a lot about emotions (past experiences and our feelings about these) and a possible link to food allergies/intolerance we have.  I have heard of people being allergic to food which is related to a loved ones time of death, allergies related to foods that an antagonistic enjoyed and even allergies to certain colours of food after having a traumatic experience from someone wearing that colour.  These may seem vague as I am trying not to identify people however I’m sure that you can all find a simple story in your family or social circles.  An allergy or intolerance that has links to some traumatic event, person or time in their life.

It seems I’m not the only one who has been thinking about this link either so my offering tonight is some ‘food for thought’ and a link to an article I found called ‘The Emotional Component to Allergies‘.

Hope this finds you exploring new possibilities and breaking down old patterns.