A Freebie!


Yes…. you read correctly a great FREEBIE for all you lovely people who are supporting and following me.  Without you I don’t think I would have such enthusiasm to still be writing! So as a thank you I thought I would share my latest e-book with you for free.


Finally after much procrastination (around 1 year’s worth!) I have finish Magnificent Mamas – A Guide to creating the Life the you Want.  It is a 12 week step by step programme, in e-book format,  filled with lots of life-coaching tips, practical steps, life-changing tools and techniques for creating the life you want all for FREE!  Magnificent Mamas e-book contains a combination of life-coaching tools and practical techniques I use with clients and also as the basis of a course, which I will be teaching next month, so I’m really excited to be able to now share it with you all via an e-book.



During Magnificent Mama’s 12 week course you learn about:

– Creating Balance in your life

– Creating space for you within your day

– Goal setting

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

– Why self care is so important

– Bach Flower Remedies

– Overcoming your fears

– Defining what is important to you

– Finding ways to live your life in line with these values

For those of you who follow for the food posts I do, I apologise – fingers crossed next week for another recipe I have in the pipe line. 🙂  However you never know you may still enjoy this awesome, life changer or you may know someone who could use it, so share it with them.

I will be putting the price up to .99c (US) in around a week so make the most of the free download now!

Hope this finds you enjoying the life you have or creating the life you want.




Midyear Madness


As you will know from yesterday’s post I am lucky enough to be part of a fantastic gift-a-thon (Creative Radiant Love and a bit of scrolling) with another 37 fantastic, soul centred and generous people.  Midsummer Madness (or Midwinter for us in NZ) is all about sharing tools for mind, body, soul, and business.


There is such much good there!!! Just remember to keep scrolling and I know that you will find just the thing for you. Tonight I thought I would share an interview with another participant; Sarah Leonard of Curiously Sarah.

Tell us a little about yourself – where do you hail from, what do you do, where can we find you online?


My name is Sarah and I am an artist, creative writer and creativity coach from Yorkshire in the UK.  You can find me online at my website www.curiouslysarah.com and all of my many online links are available there!

What really lights you up?

Anything creative really gets my vote! I aim to create something each and every day, even if that something is a mess! I love creating cute illustrations and multi-layered mixed media canvasses, then using that artwork to create all kinds of other things: necklaces, cards, candles, notepads and more!


Where do you get the most inspiration from?

I am a member of lots of different artist communities and enjoy taking part in online courses and challenges. My favourite inspirational artists include Kelly Rae Roberts, Tam at Willowing and Andrea Gomoll. I really love seeing other people’s processes and connecting with likeminded souls.

What made you choose the role you have?

I chose the path of an artist and creativity coach because it was literally the only thing I wanted to do in the world! I love working for myself, having each day be different and setting my own time schedule. 


What would be your top tips for anyone who is looking to follow a similar path to you?

Work hard, keep your spirits up and don’t be discouraged. It can take time to set up an online presence and client base. Just keep on keeping on – you’ll get there!

Also, don’t compare yourself to others. Negativity will not help your cause!


Tell us about your gift in the gift-a-thon – why should we make sure we don’t miss out?

My gift in the gift-a-thon is The Power of 3 Toolkit. It is a three part gift that will help you in so many ways. Here are just a few of the benefits:Image

Journal With Purpose E-Course sampler: This will guide you in starting your art journaling adventures. Not only that, it will provide you with prompts that can help you achieve your goals, feel more content and creatively challenged.

Finding The Time Mini EBook: If you are struggling to spend enough time with friends and loved ones, this is the e-book for you! I will guide you through some gorgeous exercises focussed on giving yourself the time you need, even with a busy schedule.

2 Terrific Tutorials EBook: This is a collaborative venture I created with a team of bloggers. It contains 20 awesome tutorials, giving you step by step instructions to create everything from Honeyed Mead to Natural Deodorant to Votive Holders! Perfect for curious souls wanting to include more creativity in their lives 🙂


Wow,  thanks Sarah and be sure to visit http://creativeradiantlove.com/tag/ebook/ to get your gift from Sarah – some scrolling may be needed 🙂