Trusting your intuition


Trust your intuition.

Go with your gut.

Follow your heart.

Do what feels right.  

How often have you heard these, or similar sayings? How often have you truly put those words into action when they are said to you?

Interestingly enough these messages have come up for me twice this past weekend from two very different sources and it made me realise that while I have ‘trusting my intuition’  high on my values list it is often the one that gets the least time given to it.

Trusting my intuition that getting out for a walk as a family was what we needed.

Trusting my intuition that just hanging out as a family was what we needed regardless of other activities we could be doing.

Too often I worry what other people may say. I look for other’s approval. I talk more than doing as a safe way to stall the all important action of ‘ trusting my intuition’ and ‘doing what feels right’.  I believe I will offend or upset someone.   I convince myself that I won’t be good enough. I question whether that intuitive voice in my head may actually be wrong.  Sound familiar?

It is easier to go with the flow for sure.  It is easier to do what others are suggesting or doing however very rarely does it ever make us feel as happy and calm as when we do what feels right for us.  It is only in those moments when we honour ourselves by listening to our inner voice – the nice one that is not the critic 🙂 – and taking action which is in line with our beliefs, our intuition and our gut that we shine.

We learn more and we become more just in taking that time to listen to our own wisdom and actually follow it with action.

Hope this finds you listening to your intuition, trusting it and taking action on it.