A big day


I had plans of writing a recipe in here quickly tonight in honour of all our zucchini harvesting over the last week. However the day has brought with it its own agenda. Today my boy had to farewell his beloved chicken – Boney.

Boney having a 'run' around on our move North.

Boney having a ‘run’ around on our move North.

She was a great chicken who came when you called, followed you lovingly and travelled all the way to the North Island with us. It has been an emotional day.  We have been here before with my girl’s chicken last year so the kids were well aware that a trip to the vet, to see what was wrong, could possibly end with saying goodbye.  After lots of reluctance and talks about the vet helping either making Boney better or helping Boney be out of pain, we arrived, chicken in box, only to be told the worse. There was nothing the vet could do except give her a peaceful death.

It was hard, no doubt about it. It was bloody hard seeing my kids go through the pain of losing a pet they both loved. The interesting thing for me though was that in my head I was thinking, ‘oh we should go out for food now to mark it as a special time’ and just as I was clearing that thought out of my head, my daughter looked at me and said, ‘Now you should buy him a big chocolate bar’. WHAT???!!!!! When did food become the ‘go to’ thing to comfort us?

Spending some time with Boney before the vet.

Spending some time with Boney before the vet.

Here I am thinking that I was not repeating my own patterns of using food as a friend when the whole time I have obviously been modelling something else.  Kids are quick, too quick sometimes, to see the behaviours we can’t catch in ourselves. How many times have they seen me stressed, upset or frustrated and grab for food? There are many times, I admit, that I have opened the fridge and cupboards looking for comfort food only to close them again as I work towards changing my habits. I guess though they see the action not the internal dialogue that goes with it. Isn’t is interesting that sub-consciously we are conveying messages and creating realities which consciously we stun.

Hope this finds you creating the best reality in your life that you can.