An important lesson learnt…..hopefully!


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was quiet while we enjoyed a bit of rain, a bit of sunshine and lots of yummy food mixed in with good company and family.

In the post Christmas week that is himself decided that he would get me to just use the clippers on his hair instead of a haircut …… I thought otherwise! Anyway the clippers emerged and herself decided that she would be more than willing to give her Daddy a haircut so away they went.  It was actually going pretty well until I was asked to finish off. Now I have to re-iterate here that I was in a good mood and happy to finish off.

Clippers in hand all was going well until the number 4 comb fell off, without my knowledge, and I continued in my wifely duties! Arghhhhh!! Whoops!! Himself now sported a very short motorway strip in the middle of his head!! Thankfully he is the chilled type and could laugh about it, I personally was still in shock. Herself was already in horror and himself jnr. was laughing his head off. 🙂

Anyway the decision was made to just clip everything the same length as the ‘strip’ and I begun. Well …. herself instantly burst into tears saying how horrible it looked (himself does have a few scars on his head from being run over as a kid) and trying to stop me from inflicting anymore on her Daddy while crying and saying ‘no, it is ugly’.  She finally let go only to run to her room crying, refusing to talk to us until much later and still telling us it looked ‘yucky’.

So since then we have had a few discussions about Daddy still being Daddy even if he looks different and that the outside isn’t as important as what the inside of the person is like. It is a powerful reminder to us as parents and hopefully a powerful lesson to her that scars, ‘yucky’ haircuts and all it is the person inside and how they act that matters not their appearance.

don't judge the book by its cover

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’.

Here’s to a New Year where we all take more time to read ‘the book’ a while instead of judging its merits by the cover.