Staying on top of things


This past weekend I spent a full day completing a workshop on how to perform Lymphatic Drainage on the feet.  It was wonderful!! Not only because it was a whole day being an adult (i.e. not being in parent mode), because it was great to learn another way to help improve our immune system and stay on top of dis-ease.

Thanks for this image

Thanks for this image

Too often we ignore the symptoms that something isn’t quite right in our physical bodies, for whatever reason, and try to move through it because we have to get ‘this’ or ‘that’ done.  I know I have done it many I time in the past to my own detriment!!  That is what I love about Bach Flowers, EFT, reflexology, and now reflexology lymphatic drainage routine, is that we can actually use these tools to stay on top of things in a good way.

We can use preventative measures to ensure we are promoting our health and well-being while avoiding dis-ease in our bodies. The Lymphatic system is important in this and it is this network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.  Keeping it flowing and healthy makes sense and is important.

You may not be able to have a reflexology lymphatic drainage routine (or maybe you can) but you can do things at home, in your every day lives, to ensure that you are keeping a healthy lymphatic system which will help to have a good immune system too.

  • Exercise – this will help to keep your lymphatic system flowing and moving as it ‘massages’ it into action
  • Good Food – a healthy diet means that less toxins and waste products end up in your system.  Eating over processed, sugary foods may over load the lymphatic system.
  • Drink plenty of water – the body needs water to keep everything working properly, including the lymphatic system.
  • Deep breathing – this ensures that your cells are healthy and oxygenated along with stimulating the lymphatic system.
  • Dry brushing – long strokes towards your heart for around 5 mins before a shower will stimulate the lymphatic flow.
  • Herbal teas – they are great mixture of hydration, favour and medicine (depending on what you have).
  • Use natural beauty products – means less toxins coming into your system via the skin which gives the lymphatic system less of a load.
  • Wear loose clothing – this lets the lymphatic fluid flow where as tight clothing tends to slow the whole thing down.

Well there are a few tips for staying on top of things by keeping your immune system healthy and happy.

Hope this finds you enjoy the moment and breathing deep.