A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down…..


Actually it was a spoonful of honey followed by a jelly-bean which equals about the same as Julie Andrew’s ideas!  Yes, we have been back on the antibiotics here for a wee girl who just keeps getting nasties that need the big guns.


Our bribery to get the stuff down the hatch!

When antibiotics taste that yuck (so yuck that even I couldn’t stand the taste while trying to hide it in yoghurt and fruit) and herself can’t swallow pills (thankfully himself can) we have had to resort to all sorts of things to get the stuff into her.  So our honey and jelly-bean mix seemed to work until I suddenly thought “WTF!!,  I’m trying to improve her health and then I’m dosing her with stuff that is going to lower her immune system??!!”

Our yummy sugar-free, dairy-free bliss balls.

Our yummy sugar-free, dairy-free bliss balls.

Back to the drawing board.  That is when himself had a good idea of making something ourselves and we came up with some home-made Bliss balls to come to the rescue.  Between the kids and I we decided what would be delicious to add and then went about experimenting till we got the mix just right…. well I was experimenting while they were tasting 🙂 So I thought I’d share our recipe here so that if you have your own little medical resistance  you have more than a sugary treat to tempt them.

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying life.