Farewell 2018


Here we are  …… we made it! The last day of 2018 is upon us with 2019 just waiting to emerge.


Preparing for the year ahead.

Each year at this time I sit down and take time to prepare myself for the year ahead.  I change journal/diaries (my own creation) and with that I also write down some of the activities, hopes and goals I’d like to complete in the upcoming year while seeing all the great things I have achieved in the outgoing one.  These are pretty loose I have to say and not all of them are huge.  I include things like getting a massage, reading a book, writing a letter to a friend – an actual pen and paper one that is 🙂 – along with some ‘work’ things like newsletters, ‘planning’  for homeschooling and blog posts and some more inspirational goals too.


Hoping to get back here a bit more often next year 🙂

They often aren’t all completed, actually I don’t think I have ever done that, however that is not really the aim. Those that aren’t completed in one year just more on over to the next  …….. I have only just framed some cross-stitches I did for the kids after that being on my list for 2 years!  Rather my ‘108 Things to do’ serves as a reminder instead of a ‘must do’ list which kinda takes the pressure off while still realizing my hopes and dreams.

You may also think that 108 is an excess amount of things to write down and you’re probably correct if you try to write all 108 at once.  However I begin with with all the things I need to carry over (like updating my website so it is phone friendly), then the things I know I’ll be doing (like the monthly family blog) then add to it in drips and drabs along the year.  I only came to 108 things to do as I couldn’t get the tables to give me 100 nicely.  Then I read in a book how 108 is a sacred number 108 is a sacred number and felt kind of glad it worked out that way 🙂


Hope I can jump into the new year with as much enthusiasm! 

With that said I’m off to get writing in that journal/diary.  I hope this finds you remembering and releasing 2018 with a smile while welcoming 2019 for all the wonderful possibilities it holds.





And now for something different


I decided tonight that instead of my usual recipes or food based blog I would share the other side of what I do ….. supporting people becoming healthy.  Shameless promotion I know!

I am a big believer in getting back to basics though so I created a few mini guides to help you have the knowledge, which I use as a naturopath, reflexologist and well-being coach, at your finger tips in the comfort of your own homes.  The following books are all designed to help you find solutions and create the life you want without being endlessly hooked into having to pay. 🙂


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All my e-guides are available on Amazon and Smashwords (I have put links to both) and if you want ‘Creating a Vivacious You’ for free then you can just sign up to my newsletter!

Finding Calm and Balance A Guide to Using Bach Flower Remedies Smashwords/Amazon

Take it Easy – A Guide to Creating a ‘Stress-Less’ LifeSmashwords / Amazon

Magnificent Mamas – A Guide to Creating the Life you WantSmashwords / Amazon

Mother’s Little Helper – A Guide to Natural Healing for ChildrenSmashwords/Amazon

Creating a Vivacious You – A Guide to Weight Loss and HealthSmashwords / Amazon


See you next week with another recipe …. until then hope you enjoy my books.

Arohanui Y


Ferment on this….


Strange as it may seem sauerkraut has always intrigued me. Maybe it was because it was food form another country, maybe it was because of how it sounded or maybe it was just because living here in NZ (and never having tried it) it seemed exciting and new. Like I said strange I know!! However that intrigue did sow a bit of a seed to learn more about this mysterious food.


I had not idea that sauerkraut was in fact fermented cabbage nor that fermentation has been around for centuries as a way of preserving food and maintaining a healthy system.  It wasn’t until recently that these revelations came as I began to hear more and more about fermentation and the benefits of it.  As with many things in my life I have to hear and see them repeatedly before I am called to action. Fermentation was no different.  Friends were getting right into it and letting me know the benefits however it all felt a bit too hard for me, ‘the lazy, non foodie’ that I consider myself to be.  Even though I loved the taste of sauerkraut from the get go, I was reluctant to go further than sampling.

I did however go so far (after an e-mail with a friend) as to purchase a few books on the subject.  Both (Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon) were great;  I just still didn’t feel confident in giving it a go.  Luckily for me one of these friends lives locally and also runs home fermentation classes. Yay!! Finally I was able to go and see the process in action, ask questions and dispel my fears of creating some toxic, fermented concoction with which I would poison my family rather than nourish them. The workshop was fantastic and it awakened in me a desire to get fermenting and improving my family’s health with real foods.


Traditionally used as a way to make food last, fermentation is when an organism uses sugar for energy without using oxygen at the same time.  The process not only preserves (as mentioned) it also enhances the nutritional value of the food.  Fermented foods are rich in vitamin B12, they aid digestion, support the immune system, have hundreds (if not thousands) of good bacteria for our bodies and give us a wider variety of foods with which to nourish our bodies.  All sorts of cultures and countries have used the process for thousands of years.  It is only in relatively recent times, when we had refrigeration to keep food, that we have let these practices go.  Fortunately there seems to be a growing awareness as to its benefits and a growing amount of people ‘having a go’.


After being given a SCOBY ( Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) I now have a big jar of Kombucha on the go. Sauerkraut will be the next thing as soon as I hit the shops and then, after we return form a weekend away, it will be sourdough time.  Until the course I didn’t think that I had tried fermentation at all. Then I understood that my attempts at yoghurt and making rewena (Máori Bread) for Matariki both used the process of fermentation. See I told you I was a ‘non foodie’ :). Anyway with Matariki less than 2 weeks away and my Kombucha in the making it looks like I will be busy fermenting for the next wee while.  I’ll keep you posted as to my progress, of that you can be sure!

Hope this finds you happy and healthy, ‘fermenting’ your thoughts about good food.