The ultimate Valentine’s present


Well here we are post Valentine’s day and you may be wondering why on earth I would be blogging about it now!  The thing is that this Valentine’s day was so different for me that I really wanted to share.

You see this Valentine’s day is the first that I have actually forgotten (well until the day before that is), the first one I haven’t actively planned for and yet it was one of the best, maybe the best,I have ever had. 🙂

I pondered on this as I went on my morning run and it wasn’t until another woman ran past me that it hit.  I have finally come a bit closer to accepting and loving myself regardless of the world around me. You see normally I would have begun berating myself for being less fit and hence slower than the other woman passing me or I would of begun a long story of why I was slower than her. In the past I would have started planning Valentine’s day way in advance so that the day, and myself, would feel special and loved.


In short I wasn’t loving my life, my place in it or myself enough to accept that who I was, was in fact special and wonderful. I am definitely still on the path to self acceptance and think that it will always be that way as life unfolds however it felt great to know that I was a little further along to really loving and accepting myself.

So my challenge to you (and myself) is to treat everyday like it is Valentine’s day.  Instead of giving gifts to other loved ones however let us all give ourselves gifts of tenderness, compassion, love, forgiveness and understanding as we journey along.  After all, when all is said and done, our love for ourselves is the one that impacts most on our lives.