Rewena, Kombucha and Sauerkraut


So yesterday was the grand tasting day of my first ever kombucha and……. it was delicious!! The kids loved it too and so that it can last till next weekend, when the next batch is ready, we are limiting it to a drink a day. The alternative would be the whole 2 litres drunk in one sitting!  I think this is probably a bit too much good in one go 🙂

On the subject of making kombucha, I have to say that the tutor said that she had the best results with just ordinary store bought tea and sugar.  However ever the ‘trier’ I decided to alter things a little on my first attempt.  Now it has to be said that this is common practice with me; I get a recipe and then go about changing it before I have even tried the original out! This time though it worked, thankfully, and my SCOBY was not lost. The changes? Well I used dextrose instead of sugar and organic red bush tea instead of ‘gumboot’ black (as we often call it here in NZ). It didn’t seem as effervescent as the tutors, though the taste however was similar and yummy, so all good.  For this batch I have conformed and made it with sugar and ‘gumboot’ black tea so we’ll see how the taste test goes next weekend.


All inspired by my kombucha, I also embarked on making some Rewena.  This is a traditional Máori bread using a fermented potato and flour starter.  As it is Matariki (the beginning of Máori New Year when the Matariki cluster of stars can be seen in the sky) I decided to give it a go again.  You see I did try to make some last year however without the understanding that I was trying to ferment something things went a little awry.  Fingers crossed this time as I have a better consistency already and a nice warm place.


I also made my first jar (well half a jar) of sauerkraut today.  I know!!  Am I busy or what 🙂  It was so simple and quick I can’t understand why I haven’t made any earlier, aside from my fear of creating a toxic dish for the family that is.  With just half a cabbage, some salt and a bit of bashing I had my sauerkraut ready to pop in the jar in no time at all.  I can’t wait to taste it; only time will tell how patient I can be.


Hope this finds you discovering new things in your life too.