A new vegan on the block


I can’t believe that a month has passed since I have been free enough, and with the tools,  to write on here again!  The main cause for the lack of posting has been a lack of a computer … though that isn’t really a good excuse …. however I have also been enjoying spending time being off line a bit more.  We’ve been making the most of the places and people around us.  In that time however there has been a shift in the dietary requirements of the bus.  No, himself hasn’t let go of veganism but rather has been joined by me in giving it a whirl.


Walking Te Ara Roa – Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay section.

It seemed like a bit of a natural progression really as while I was technically a pescatarian I didn’t eat much fish nor was I a huge fan of dairy due to the way it made me feel. Along with that was the fact that much of our meals are now vegan with a bit of meat, fish or eggs on the side.  While at the start of himself becoming a vegan there was much disgust at the thought that I should follow suit, the tide has changed and in fact I was getting repeated questions about why I didn’t just go vegan. After a bit of thinking and research – on vegan alcohol it has to be said! 😉 – along with a new book from the library I began my 3 week trial into the world of veganism.

I’m now into my fourth week and I have to say that it has been a fairly easy transition thanks to all the resources online and off which outline what is vegan and what’s not.  The hardest part so far is meeting up with the in-laws at their choice of restaurant which meant that only the hot chips and spring rolls were vegan due to them having pre-made all the salads with honey dressing and putting garlic butter over all the veggies.  It was an experience to say the least and definitely gave me a taste of my own medicine as when this has happened to himself in the past I have been quick to say ‘that’s fine .. it’s just one meal’, (trying not to make us seem even more ‘weird and hippy’ than they thought we were already) however when it is your ‘one meal’ it is a pretty dismal state of affairs! Lesson learnt.  Apologies given. Forgiveness accepted.


An interesting book I got out .. more about mindfulness than veganism

So  onward and upwards embracing Veganism as a way of eating for me.  I have to say I do feel much better on the digestion side of life as after meals I feel lighter even when I have eaten my fill and I am satisfied much longer after meals than before.   There was a few interesting changes in my sleep patterns to start with although as it was at bit of a stressful time (I was teaching Infant Massage and going for my truck licence in between times) it may not be all down to the change of diet. 😉  I guess only time will tell weather it will be my new way of eating … for now I am trying to be as mindful as I can about what is going into my mouth and the way that I am living.

I hope this finds you happy, healthy and exploring new things when the opportunity arises.