The holiday let down


Well I’m at a bit of a loss for inspiration this week after arriving back from a warm winter break in Fiji to the strong icy winds that we have blowing here at the moment.  All I really want to do is snuggle up in bed with a good book!!  So following that thought I’ve decided to just go with the ‘lazy flow’ and share my e-books with you ….. in case you have the urge to snuggle up with a book too 🙂


Take it Easy

In this busy interconnected and wired-up world stress seems to be a natural part of daily life. Right? Wrong! Life doesn’t have to be a rush. What if you could take it easy and create a ‘stress-less’ life for yourself? With my simple tools and ideas you can discover simple ways to reduce your stress and be on your way to creating exactly that – A ‘Stress-Less’ Life. This e-book will guide you through five simple steps to help you create a life where you are enjoying your days and experiencing less stress while improving your health and well-being.


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Magnificent Mamas (really for anyone though as it has all my pearls of wisdom in it)

Regain balance, rediscover the joy in each day and live your dream with this 12 week program. Life is busy and when children are added to the mix life can get hectic. Often it is easy to lose sight of the things that really matter and forget to give time to yourself along with remembering your dreams. Now Magnificent Mamas with take you through week by week to create the life that you want and can have. There are tips and ideas for finding balance, for self- care and for achieving your goals and dreams.



Creating a Vivacious You

Losing weight and feeling great doesn’t have to be complicated or cost lots of money. In a world where we are bombarded with new ‘diets’, ‘quick fix’ solutions and numerous products for improving our lives it is easy to forget that actually the basic rules for having health and well-being still apply. This book guides you through some ‘back to basics’ steps which will help you to feel healthier, feel happier and help create your ideal body.




Finding Calm and Balance

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to use Bach Flower Remedies with confidence. Find out how you can begin to gain more balance, more calm and less stress naturally through using Bach Flower Remedies. This guide covers what Bach Flower Remedies are, how to select them for yourself and others, how to use them and affirmations to support your chosen remedies along with a section on using Bach Flower Remedies with children. If you are interested in becoming healthy naturally and healing then this is a must have book for you.



Mother’s Little Helper

Discover easy, natural remedies and ideas for healing your children with Mother’s Little Helper by Yossarian Fay. This book is loaded with ideas to help you to continue on your journey of Becoming Healthy and ensure your children are becoming healthy too. There are recipes, kitchen cures, a section on using Bach Flower remedies with children, information on how to use EFT and reflexology with your children, making this a must have book for your collection.


Hope this finds you relaxed, mentally nourished and ready to enjoy the week ahead



Thanks a Million


So as you read this I am away on holiday enjoying my family.  Having written and scheduled this in I’m also free to enjoy the fact that I am one year older and wiser without having to ‘work’ on a Monday night 😉 So without further ado here are a few things from the past month which I am grateful for.  As always I invite you to join along and write, post, blog or share with the world in some way all the wonderful things you have in your life which you are grateful for 😉

A Mama Weka and her chicks remind me that Spring is on its way

A Mama Weka and her chicks remind me that Spring is on its way

Many thank yous for:  a schedule button on wordpress, a schedule button on Facebook too, family, my health, being alive in a country which is free from war, catching up with friends, having the ability to home educate our kids, The Food Renegade site for educating me on Kombucha, the local Play Centre for hosting my talk on ‘Creating a Stress-Less Life’, Bach Flower Remedies (Man, where would I be without those), living in a country where I can legally home educate our kids, our local library, living in a country where I can (as a woman) go out for runs and enjoy the freedoms of life, hot pools, Resonate Emag for including me again in their subscription, EFT, Scouts and Brownies groups, yummy home grown veg, himself ;), living in New Zealand full stop!, being able to holiday with my family mid week, friends who write, flat traveller exchanges, meals over at friends, Native Bush and birds which I can enjoy right on my doorstep, tourists who bring a smile to our faces and remind me how awesome the West Coast is, being part of a community running, Hokitika SPCA, having enough food in our cupboards (a recent trip to the local food bank with a scout group reminded me of what a luxury that actually is for some people), local toy library,  the support of like minded women, soap making with the kids, Night classes and courses, Glaciers which are still there to be seen, a warm cottage thanks to the hard work of himself and the promise of Spring which the recent sight of budding daffodils, Weka chicks and new born lambs brings.

There are many more people and things I could add on here, which I’m sure will come to mind as soon as I publish, so for those people/places/things, just know that I am so grateful to have you in my life 😉