We all want the same things really.


One of the most interesting things I have learnt since being on this journey of natural health, both in becoming more aware of my actions and while working with clients, is that ultimately we are all dealing with similar issues and wanting similar things.

It amazes me how often I hear people feeling the same as I am at the same time.  It never ceases to astound me that others share my fears and I am always left feeling that we are connected so much more than we realise.

Treating others how we want to feel can also benefit us.

Treating others how we want to feel can also benefit us.

I have begun a little challenge for myself and I thought I would share.  I’m trying to view others as if they were wanting the same as me, regardless of how different their actions or words may be, and reacting to them as I would want to be treated. Viewing them as wanting to be loved, wanting to be valued, wanting to be included and wanting to be happy.  Treating them with respect, giving them time and as much patience as I can.

I’m in the early stages of my challenge and it is hard to remember at times, yet when I do view others this way I suddenly feel very different.   It actually adds to my life in a good way rather than detracting from it and leaves me with a positive vibe that then flows into my day, improving it no end.

Hope this finds you happy and healthy