Homemade Yoghurt


Some of you may have the impression that this is a ‘Vegan’ blog (not sure why I put that in inverted commas) however while I share a lot of vegan recipes these are relatively new for the blog, as is our journey with our son into his preferred eating style.  Rather I like to think of this blog as sharing things that are happening with us on the bus, our adventures, experiences and more often than not the food we are eating!  This week after an amazing weekend away at a Road-schooling camp I thought I would share an easy yoghurt recipe.


At camp with other fantastic road-schooling families

This comes about only because while we were away on our road-schooling camp a local farmer came down and offered our kids (all the kids on camp that is) the opportunity to come up and give milking his cow a go.  It is one of my favourite things about New Zealand, and being on the road, that locals are eager and open to share their lives and interests with us as a family.  While himself was more interested in patting the pigs and the cows rather than trying milking, herself absolutely relished the whole experience.  I even made a second trip up with her so she could milk the next morning!  She really got a rhythm going and was rewarded with a bottle of fresh, warm milk ….. along with a desire to own her own cow. 😉 Considering she is not a big milk drinker but is a huge yoghurt consumer we thought that creating a batch of yoghurt with her reward may be the best use of this delicious liquid.


Milking Saffy

This recipe is one that I found ages ago and which we used to make regularly before moving onto the bus.  It is very easy (just how I like my recipes) with not much milk or effort needed.  The best thing about this recipe is the fact that it doesn’t require much stove power and, as long as you remember to save a bit of yoghurt for a starter, it can keep going as long as you have a milk supply. Thankfully we have a very warm spot above our fridge/freezer where we can incubate this for the night which makes it possible to try on the bus – our first bus batch. We have halved the recipe for us this time however 1 litre fills up an old preserving jar nicely with yoghurt.

Homemade yoghurt

  • 1 litre of full-fat milk (raw is best in our option)
  • 2 tablespoons of live yoghurt (this is your starter)
  • Large glass jar with lid

– Warm the milk in a pot until it is just about to boil then take off the heat.

– Allow the milk to cool for 20 mins and then remove the skin off the milk and discard.

– Mix the warm milk with the yoghurt starter and mix gently but throughly.

– Put the lid on and place the jar into a warm place (such as the hot water cylinder) overnight or at less 6-8 hours

– Transfer to fridge the next morning (or once it has set) to help cool and set further or enjoy warm with some wild blackberries.


Hope this finds you all enjoying new experiences and savouring the old ones too.





Waste not, want not


Feeling pretty impressed that herself and I made a few things out of our surplus raw milk today.  Ok, so I know that this may seem to fly in the face of last week’s post however there is a reason behind the madness.  I hate waste and so the making and creating were inspired by that rather than any true desire to cook – honestly! Hopefully that vindicates me 🙂

Our creations? Well the aim was to make junket, on the suggestion of my Mother, and that was made eventually however on the way we made a rather interesting plum jam cheese.  Hmmmm….. see told you I’m not a foodie!

Our plum jam cheese

Our plum jam cheese

Following instructions don’t always turn out to be as simple as they seem in this house and today was no exception. It seems that in making junket you literally just give it 2 stirs after the rennet has been added. We learnt this very quickly after my constant stirring ended in our first attempt becoming curds and whey.  So not wanting to waste anything we strained the whey and hung the rest to see what happens.

The second attempt was far more successful and the pretty white pudding was cooled in the fridge until herself presented dessert tonight. The result was a rather bland kind of ‘instant pudding’ which herself thoroughly enjoyed and her father passed on, while making  comments of ‘rotten milk’??!!  I think it will be a dessert which will be made again – maybe with the jam flavour we originally intended it to have-  if for no other reason than to quiet my grandmother’s voice in my head saying ‘Waste not, want not’.

Junket fresh out of the fridge.

Junket fresh out of the fridge.

Hope this finds you creating all sorts of ‘somethings’ out of ‘nothings’.