Breakfast pancakes


With Christmas next month and a very excited boy in the house – think he takes after his grandmother there in his enthusiasm of Christmas so early 🙂 – I have begun to think about what kai we are going to have. With two dedicated meat eaters in the house and two dedicated vegans it can sometimes be hard to find recipes that will keep everyone happy. Add to this my preference to be gluten free, caffeine free and refined sugar free and well …. you can probably get the picture. Someone is usually less than impressed with what is on offer!

Himself found a Christmas Turkey to help him bring the festive cheer into the house! So like his Nan 🙂

So I thought I would start getting out the recipe books again and trail some ready for next month. I confess I was at a bit of a loss until herself decided to whip up a pile of waffles the other day. It reminded me that I had a pancake recipe from The Happy Pear lads which they reckoned could be used for waffles too. We have tried vegan and GF waffles before but the result was a little slow going as the mixture needed cooking a little longer and the waffle needed quite a bit of coaxing from the waffle iron too. Herself pretty much banned us from doing it again but ……… as she went into town today I thought I would give it a go with the new recipe. The recipe below is pretty much The Happy Pear recipe (pretty sure it was in this book) except I added some more milk (soy), which gave the mix a better consistency, and also just used a GF flour rather than regular flour.

I felt for sure that the whole waffle thing would go much this time without her watching over my shoulder and with my ‘new’ recipe. Sadly I was wrong. The whole waffle thing still ended up taking ages, still needed a lot of help to get out despite me putting in loads of oil first and tasted a little too crunchy by the time I got it out. Time for the frying pan to emerge and time to head back to basics. When waffles were the mission I decided to omit blueberries as I knew the waffle iron was not partial to them. Now that I was back to making pancakes I decided to throw a handful in to make them all the more delicious.

I used sunflower oil for cooking these so that there was minimal flavour from the oil and decided on making chunkier mini pancakes to stack. The results were so much better and everyone was munching happily. Not one comment or question on the ingredients either which is a great sign! So I think we have our Christmas breakfast sorted …… yay ….. and without further waffle from me here is the recipe.

Breakfast Pancakes

-Mix all the ingredients together

-Heat your frying pan (I love my cast iron one)

-Spoon in the mixture to create two small pancakes

-Wait until they ‘bubble’ on top then flip to cook the other side

-Check and remove when both side are done

-Enjoy either by themselves or with your favourite topping

Hope this finds you relaxed, rested and ready to enjoy the week ahead.