The Roller-coaster of Life


Life really is unpredictable. Even when we think we have it all sorted, things can be taken completely out of our hands. We get sent in a different direction, one which we never expected to have to take. This can be hard to accept and often a grieving process can occur. We are faced with the alternatives of rolling with it or fighting and struggling against it, which usually only leads to us suffering more.

If you’re anything like me then you kind of expect life to keep getting better when you put effort in. I anticipate a future where the highs and lows of the roller coaster ride lessen until eventually they level completely. This is what I have in my mind’s eye as I go about my daily practices though it hasn’t happened yet so maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath too much. The reality is that there is always something happening; a curve in the track, a dip, a tunnel, a sudden plunge into god knows what or a breath taking view from the ‘top’ where everything seems great.

What will tomorrow bring?

I notice too, as I have been paying more attention to my life, that even when I’m feeling like I have life ‘sorted’ a loved ones’ roller coaster can sometimes come crashing into mine. Entwining us in a wave of emotions and actions that no-one saw coming. We’re caught unawares and left scrambling with whatever we have at hand. At those times, it can be hard for me not to go into panic mood or my usual rescue mood. More and more though I’m learning a bit of ‘roller coaster maintenance’ and I’m slowly learning to separate the two. Create some space for repair, reconstruction, separation and leveling of the track as I remember and use the tools I have sooner and sooner.

Recently I read a quote from Pema Chödrön which was like a penny dropping. It made me re-think how I approach life and its roller coaster ride. She wrote ‘We think that the point is to pass the test or overcome the problem, but the truth is that things don’t really get solved. They come together and they fall apart. Then they come together again and fall apart again. It’s just like that. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy.’

Maybe in knowing in advance that things will be up and down we will be able to prepare ourselves easier. We will be in a better position to accept the seemingly unacceptable. We can create the emergency kit early, ready for when ‘disaster’ occurs, so that we have an easier time of it when things rock our world. By practicing healing techniques before these life changing events we will be in a better space to use them. They will be a common, everything tools that we are familiar with using The time to get good at meditating, at relaxing, at self care, at EFT, at breath work, at gratitude is now before the proverbial hits the fan. Having these tools feel like second nature, ready to be used at short notice, can only be achieved by us taking time now to use them regularly. Now before we really need them.

So take a minute now. Don’t wait. Practice one of those techniques you have heard about, or one that you want to learn more about, which help to reduce stress. Find some time to use it each day and begin to create a habit out of it . That way when your roller coaster ride overwhelms you or when another roller coaster careers towards you you’ll be ready and fully prepared to go with whatever life is bringing you.



Hello there!


Well it has been a while since I was on here that is for sure. I can’t believe that almost a year has passed since I last wrote! I figured it was time to touch base quickly and let you all know what is happening in this part of the world.

Life has been a bit all over the place with work I have to say. I have been majorly re-evaluating everything and trying to decide the best way forward; both for the business and life. This blog was obviously one thing that slipped and some of you who are subscribed to my newsletter may have noticed that I have not sent any out for a while – or maybe not :). Things were just beginning to feel a bit forced and creating content wasn’t really bringing me joy anymore. It was beginning to feel more and more like a challenge and one that I didn’t see the point in. Letting go of posting blogs and sending newsletters, along with the guilt I felt at first, was the start of wee changes with regards to my business and my mindset.

Enjoying some time out in nature with the dogs

So many of my endeavours have begun with me projecting in the future, out into the ether rather than focusing on the here and now. The newsletter in particular was one of those; I began it hoping that it would reach millions, sky-rocketing my business into an online success, never mind that I didn’t really have an online business to match. I also began it because I felt I had to and that it was expected of me but that gets exhausting after a while. It felt like it was time to give myself a break. Coming to that realization has been liberating and challenging in equal measure. I want to share the knowledge I have because I really believe it can help others and make a positive difference to their lives, I’m just not 100% sure how most days. Is putting energy into online content better or those face to face interactions?

So many ‘signs’ and ‘messages’ have come to me lately, from many different places, about being in the present moment and doing things because they feel right that I figure it may be time to listen. So, I’m trying to live a bit more in the now rather than my usual racing into what may come. I’m taking some time out, re-evaluating life in general and making some space. I am also working on doing things because they feel right and are life affirming rather than because they are expected or that they may bring me validation in some way. Everyone likes being validated I know and I’m no different but I could feel that what began in my head as something good to do for others quickly turned into something that may bring me validation or praise. This was even before I had put the project into practice.

I have still been teaching at the local Woman’s Centre which I always love and also , taking some time to cultivate a few skills. I have been working on connecting more with people despite my natural introvert tendencies, listening more and talking less. In my bid to do stay in the moment with positive action I have been giving away some of the print versions of my books to people I have worked with. It has felt good hearing the need and then gifting the books to people who will use them. The extra space on my bookshelf is very nice too. In doing so though it also highlighted some errors that were in the text, missed edits that needed rectifying. So I have begun updating my e-books which I created so long ago to ensure that the best copy of them is available online. It has been its own validation of sorts as I read the words over and realize that I wouldn’t change the content even 7 years later.

It has also made me see that the time has come to combine all this knowledge, in my e-books and in my head, into one. I can see that reflexology was a little ‘light’ on the ground in those earlier e-books due to my feelings of not being good enough so now it is time to add it in. Combining all my e-books and some extra information which I teach on my ‘Balancing Life’ course is my mission at the moment work wise, that and having my regular reflexology clients. It is a slow start and I’m yet to make a deadline for myself however everyday I am carving a little space for it. Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be posting about its release before the year is out!



Winter Wellness – Part 6 – Lymphatic system


This will be the final part of my Winter Wellness series.  I hope you have enjoyed it and found it useful,  I’d love to hear from you if there is something else you want to know about or you think I could cover otherwise next week it will be back to recipes 🙂  This final ‘Winter Wellness’ post is taken from an article I wrote a while back on the benefits of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Treatment, which I’m trained in, and which came to mind as I had two calls last week about reflexology treatments in this area.


Getting some exercise with themselves before the next rain shower

It does read more like an article still than a blog post; I have tried to adapt it a bit ….. though no sense in re-inventing the wheel is there? 😉  Anyway, here it is in all its glory and if you are interested in treatments then it won’t be too long before I will have my clinic in one place again, as opposed to the home visits I now offer. Exciting times ahead!

Our health depends on many things but maybe two of the most important are the body’s ability to circulate blood and lymphatic fluid.  The importance of blood you likely know however the Lymphatic system is just as important as it is this system which helps defend the body against disease by clearing waste and toxins, by helping maintain fluid balance in the tissues and by absorbing fats from the intestines to transport back to the blood.  In fact it is a vital system in our bodies as without it our cardiovascular system won’t work and our immune system would be hard-pressed to cope.

The Lymphatic system is designed for transportation and as such it needs to keep moving.  There are fluids found between the cells or which actually seep out of the cells (intercellular fluid) which slowly begin to accumulate and must be returned to the cells and the blood stream to help maintain homeostasis in the body.  This is where the lymph system comes in; it gathers those fluids, checks it, filters it and then returns them to your blood via the subclavian veins just above the heart.  Unlike the circulatory system however (in which blood flows) the lymphatic system (in which lymph fluid flows) doesn’t have a pump and needs us to move our bodies in order to have the lymph fluid moving.  This system relies on movement of our muscles, their ‘milking’ action, and the changes in the thorax through deep breathing to keep it flowing.

This means that if you lead a sedentary lifestyle your lymphatic fluid may not be flowing as it should and your lymphatic system may be hampered, causing toxins and waste to build up within our bodies. The more waste left in our system the harder our body has to work.  Our body is effectively running on a system of ‘tubes’ and ‘fluid’ so when toxins and waste clog these up we suffer!  Think of a river. When it is flowing it is clear and clean, when it is not flowing it begins to stagnate then it becomes a perfect home for bacteria and disease to build.  The Lymphatic system is no different.  At first it may be a sluggish feeling in the morning or a headache which we just can’t seem to find the cause of.  Eventually it can cause much more serious issues within the body such as swelling, arthritis, skin disorders and more.

Thankfully there are many actions we can take in our lifestyle to help the Lymphatic system work better and ensure that it is doing its job.  In using preventative measures, we can improve and promote our health and well-being while avoiding dis-ease in our bodies. As the Lymphatic system is important in this it makes sense to keep it flowing and healthy and it is important.  As a reflexologist of course the first thing I think of is to have a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Massage which will work on the lymphatic system while allowing you to relax and de-stress.   It is an excellent support to the Lymphatic system, especially if you have trouble with mobility and best of all it will help you feeling more relaxed and lighter at the end of a session.  It is a very unique and special thing to have.


There are some cases where having a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Massage is not recommended however and these include: cases of cardiac or renal impairment, first trimester of pregnancy, cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis, having high or low blood pressure or if the foot if injured in any way.  If you are not quite ready to treat yourself to a reflexology lymphatic drainage routine or you feel that it isn’t for you then there are many things you can do at home, in your everyday lives, to ensure that you are keeping a healthy lymphatic system which will help to have a good immune system too.  Try some of the following out:

Exercise– this will help to keep your lymphatic system flowing and moving as it ‘massages’ it into action.

Good Food– a healthy diet means that less toxins and waste products end up in your system. Eating over processed, sugary foods may over load the lymphatic system.

Drink plenty of water– the body needs water to keep everything working properly, including the lymphatic system.

Deep breathing– this ensures that your cells are healthy and oxygenated along with stimulating the lymphatic system.

Dry brushing– long strokes towards your heart for around 5 mins before a shower will stimulate the lymphatic flow.

Herbal teas– they are great mixture of hydration, favour and medicine (depending on what you have).

Use natural beauty products– means less toxins coming into your system via the skin which gives the lymphatic system less of a load.

Wear loose clothing– this lets the lymphatic fluid flow where as tight clothing tends to slow the whole thing down.

Hope this finds you having a great start to the week and ready for all there is to come.



Winter Wellness – Part 1 – Reflexology


After five weeks of recipes and with winter officially here in NZ I thought I would begin a ‘Winter Wellness’ series of blogs.  As the Chinese proverb goes ‘The superior doctor prevents sickness; The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness; The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.’  So I thought I would share a few tools and give the opportunity for you to all become your own superior … or at the very least mediocre …. doctor and get on top of your health before any of those dreaded winter lurgies appear  … or reappear 🙂

SAM_0803 (2)

Rainy day views

Each week over the next few weeks I will give a few suggestions for you to try. which can help you find some relief from winter lurgies or may help boost your immune system to keep them at bay completely.  These don’t replace medical advice of course, rather they can be used in conjunction with other techniques or medications you are using to help  bring your body back into balance and hopefully heal a little quicker.  Once your body has balance (we naturally want homeostasis in our bodies and the body strives for it at a physiological level) it has more energy to focus on healing and maintaining a healthy body.

Reflexology is a great tool for helping you bring your body back into balance and one that I love to use.  While I primarily give foot reflexology treatments to my clients, I know that this isn’t always the easiest option to use at home, by yourself, or when you’re out and about.  So for that reason I teach a lot of hand reflexology points during my workshops so that you can actually use this fantastic tool yourself.  The positive effects of hand reflexology are usually a little shorter lived than foot reflexology though thankfully it is easy to repeat as needed.  Best thing is that you can do some basic moves in the comfort of your own home.

Ingham method hand map

Ingham Method Map

I thought a one page hand out would be the best way to share (click here to download a PDF version) and a little video (thankfully the sun came out so that herself could video me in the light) to help you along the way … including a bit of eye rolling from me as himself runs in and out of the bus and I thought that I wasn’t having my face filmed!!!  Excuse our low tech productions ….  not that much room for lighting and screens in our 1956 Bedford 🙂 If you feel there is something that isn’t clear then please let me know so I can do another ‘take’. The most important thing is that you are mindful of your own wellbeing.  Stop if  you’re feeling pain, go easy on tender spots, ease up if things feel ‘too much’ and if you are concerned then see a health professional

Hope this finds you happy, healthy and working those hands to your benefit!


Healing Hands Reflexology


My mind is still filled with all those families who are now learning to live without their loved ones.  I constantly think about how magnified their emotions must be, not only with grief but also dealing with the way the loss occurred, of what the future holds and possibly a sense of uncertainly in their own community.

love is always at hand

For that reason I thought that I would share a bit of my Healing Hands workshop so that people can put it to use at home or out and about as they deal with the everyday stresses with everyday situations which may trigger huge emotions to surface.   Reflexology is such a great tool for well-being and since feet aren’t always that practical to get to when emotions arise, I love to use hand reflexology.  It is a bit of self love and soothing that you can be using, anytime, anywhere,  without anyone being the wiser.

Reflexology is a natural, holistic treatment which works on the principle that everything in the body is connected.  It is is a mixture of ancient wisdom and modern thinking where by the nerve endings in the feet and hands can be massaged in a particular way to help bring the body back into balance.  (Read more here)

What I’m offering here is a very basic guide as to where some points are in the hand which can help elevate the stress reaction as emotions come up.  The points shown in the images are ones you can rub and/or massage to help bring you some calm in order to move forward.  For the purposes of self calming and self love it really doesn’t matter how you approach the massage rather focus on breathing deep while holding the intention of calm and love with you as you work so that your body can respond in kind. In fact I would suggest any hand rubbing, twisting, shaking and clicking with the intention of release would be fantastic!

These points relate to parts of the body which frequently come into play as part of our stress (fight or flight) response.  Our breathing can quicken so rubbing the top of our palms (lung points) can help bring our breath back into balance. Our heads can spin so rubbing the fingertips (head, brain and sinus points) can help to bring clear thinking back into play.  Our shoulders and back tense up so rubbing the base of the little finger (shoulder point) and along the edge of our thumb and wrist (spine and nervous system) can ease the tension for example.

So without further ado I’ll let you look below and give it ago ……… don’t be shy, just try it and you’ll be impressed with how much more relaxed you can feel.  I was thinking about making a wee video of it all in action so if you think this would be helpful please leave a comment below and I’ll get cracking 🙂

Healing Hands Mini Stress Relief Routine

  • Pictures are all shown palms up.
  • Remember to take care of yourself so if anything hurts then ease up or miss it out. 
  • These are only guidelines, if you find a technique which is better for you then go with that. 
  • If it seems too much and overwhelming then just focus on one or two points to start with.
  • Breath as deep and slow as you can throughout the routine if possible. 

Begin with shaking out your hands then squeeze, twist and pull each thumb and finger. Rub hands together gently (front and back) while taking some deep breaths before starting the points below.

  1. Head and Brain points:  These are your finger tips.  Rub/massage in a circular motion with the thumb of the opposite hand or whatever feels good for you. This will help to bring calm and balance to the mind as well as hitting on some endocrine and sinus points.


2. Chest and Lung points: This is the area is at the base of your fingers and the top of your palm.  You will feel the metacarpal heads (the other side of your knuckles) and the base of these is pretty much the lower part of this point.  Using the thumb or fingers of the opposite hand rub/massage across this area.  This will help to balance your breath and give more oxygen to the brain to bring calm.


3. Diaphragm Points: This is at the base of the lung area or just below the bony metacarpal heads. Using the thumb of the opposite hand ‘caterpillar walk’ or rub across this line in both directions. Again this helps with bringing balance to the breath.


4. Solar Plexus Points:  This is the in the centre of the diaphragm line above and in line with the middle of your palm.  You should press on this point with the thumb of the opposite hand while taking slow, deep breaths.  Do three breaths .. pressing in as you breath in and release at you breath out.  Repeat as many times as necessary to bring almost instant calm.


5. Shoulder Points:  This are located at the base of your fingers and the section at the bottom of your little finger.  Using the fingers or thumb of the opposite hand work across the area … first the ‘line’ and then the section at the base of the little finger. Notice any tenderness (not pain just tenderness) and breath into it to help ease away the tension from this area of the body.


6. Spine points: This area runs along the outside of your thumb and along the bottom of your palm.  There are various ways to work this area on  yourself so see which feels the most comfortable – work with thumb of opposite hand in a ‘caterpillar walk’ style, work with fingers of the opposite hand, rub with the whole of your opposite hand.  If you think of the tip of your thumb as your head then work up towards the head will bring more calm energy and working down towards the wrist will bring a relaxing calm.


7. Adrenal Points:  These points are found near the fleshy part at the base of your thumb and likely to be found by the tenderness there.  Best worked in a gentle circular motion with the opposite thumb while the fingers of the opposite hand ‘cradle’ the hand being worked.  Remember to breath as deep as you can while working these points 🙂


I hope this finds you safe and secure with another tool in your kete (basket) while feeling a little more calm.




A bit of bribery??


Yes…. that is right I’m going down the bribery route.  I could disguise it as a Christmas gift however I’m going for the honest approach albeit it tainted a little with my bribe 🙂 It is a good bribe though, one which provides you with a one stop read for different approaches to Natural Child health and Adult health.

You see I need reviews! I need reviews to get the word out there and I need reviews to assure all those people who have been downloading the sample of my book that it is worth paying for the rest of it.  That is where you come in my awesome supporters- hopefully, fingers crossed 🙂

mothers_modified_copy (1)

Get a FREE copy this week!

For the next week (Monday 3oth November until Monday 7th December) I will be offering both my books for free.  FREE I say, FREE!!   I’m really proud of these two books and truly believe that they will be of great benefit to people which is why I want to spread the word.  The only way to do that in e-bookshops, it seems, is with reviews.

While Amazon  is the big player, it looks like they don’t allow free books without other purchases however feel free to review there while getting your FREE book else where.  If you love Amazon though and can’t  bear to shop elsewhere then you can get my books free when you are purchase a print book with them or have purchased one with them via their price match system.


I’d love your reviews!

The price change may take another day to come through on some sites if you happen to come across a charge on any site apart from Amazon.  Smashwords (Mother’s Little Helper and Creating a Vivacious You) have it for FREE NOW and Barnes and Noble, Paperplus NZ and  Apple will all have it for FREE within a few days!!

Please share this blog post and the great opportunity to get these awesome (I know I’m biased) books for FREE.

Thankfully you can download Kindle or Calibre (for free) onto your PC (that is all I have) so that even without the latest technology you can read.  If you don’t have e-book reader and don’t want to download one you can message me and I can give you a PDF version 🙂

Hope this finds you all  happy, healthy and sharing the love 🙂



Kapiti Women’s Expo!!


Well after a morning with intermittent Internet and then no Internet  I am finally online using himself’s personal hotspot!  It is times like this that you realise just how many things you need to do online!!

Thankfully not of all of life is like that and this coming Sunday will be one of those times.  Yes, this Sunday 15th November from 11.30 -4pm  I’m going to be part of the first ever Kapiti Women’s Expo being held at Kapiti Surf’s Turf in Mazengarb Reserve, Scaife Drive. Entry is FREE so make the most of it!

No need for Internet just an opportunity to meet lots of other like-minded women, time to relax, a chance to explore possibilities, lots to see and do along with opportunities to sample all of the great things there.  Come join us at this amazing event if you are in or near the Kapiti Coast this Sunday. Come listen, taste, have some fun and relax away your Sunday afternoon at Kapiti’s Very First Women’s Expo.

Kapiti Women's Expo 2016

There are so many great people involved and I’m lucky enough to be on the line up of speakers talking about ‘Creating a Stress-Less Life’. This will be a summary of my next e-book which I will be releasing at the end of the month and which you can get at a special price if you pre-order on the day.  I will also be offering a taster of reflexology for a donation so you can finally feel the benefits of having your feet massaged while you relax!

If you already know you love having your feet pampered then there will a chance to book a longer massage at a discounted price along with an opportunity to win a $50 gift voucher for a full reflexology session with me.  All money is going to my daughter to help her with fundraising for her Girl Guide Jamboree.

Speakers will be talking on a range of topics throughout the event with a space for you to sit and listen while enjoying your drink. Get your diary ready and see which ones you are going to be inspired by:

12 .00- Rosi Buttula (Gatsby Tapas)  – “Anything is Possible”

12.40 – Liz Mitchinson (Style Clinic) – “Personal Style”

1.20  –  Yossarian Fay (Becoming Healthy) – “Creating a Stress-Less Life”

2.00 – Tracey Jones (Share Finances) – TBA

2.40 – Lindsay Cowley (RimuChiro) – “Eating for Amazing Energy”

3.20 – Adelle Cherrill – “Success and Beyond”

4.00pm – Expo Ends

So…..Pop it in your diary and come enjoy the great vibe that will be happening at the Kapiti Women’s Expo this Sunday (15th November) in Kapiti Sports Turf, Scaife Drive for an afternoon to remember.



Staying on top of things


This past weekend I spent a full day completing a workshop on how to perform Lymphatic Drainage on the feet.  It was wonderful!! Not only because it was a whole day being an adult (i.e. not being in parent mode), because it was great to learn another way to help improve our immune system and stay on top of dis-ease.

Thanks for this image

Thanks for this image

Too often we ignore the symptoms that something isn’t quite right in our physical bodies, for whatever reason, and try to move through it because we have to get ‘this’ or ‘that’ done.  I know I have done it many I time in the past to my own detriment!!  That is what I love about Bach Flowers, EFT, reflexology, and now reflexology lymphatic drainage routine, is that we can actually use these tools to stay on top of things in a good way.

We can use preventative measures to ensure we are promoting our health and well-being while avoiding dis-ease in our bodies. The Lymphatic system is important in this and it is this network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.  Keeping it flowing and healthy makes sense and is important.

You may not be able to have a reflexology lymphatic drainage routine (or maybe you can) but you can do things at home, in your every day lives, to ensure that you are keeping a healthy lymphatic system which will help to have a good immune system too.

  • Exercise – this will help to keep your lymphatic system flowing and moving as it ‘massages’ it into action
  • Good Food – a healthy diet means that less toxins and waste products end up in your system.  Eating over processed, sugary foods may over load the lymphatic system.
  • Drink plenty of water – the body needs water to keep everything working properly, including the lymphatic system.
  • Deep breathing – this ensures that your cells are healthy and oxygenated along with stimulating the lymphatic system.
  • Dry brushing – long strokes towards your heart for around 5 mins before a shower will stimulate the lymphatic flow.
  • Herbal teas – they are great mixture of hydration, favour and medicine (depending on what you have).
  • Use natural beauty products – means less toxins coming into your system via the skin which gives the lymphatic system less of a load.
  • Wear loose clothing – this lets the lymphatic fluid flow where as tight clothing tends to slow the whole thing down.

Well there are a few tips for staying on top of things by keeping your immune system healthy and happy.

Hope this finds you enjoy the moment and breathing deep.



Products and services


My blog is still coming at you tomorrow with a yummy pizza recipe however after struggling and procrastinating about getting this on here I thought I would share 🙂 Plus I wanted to give ‘Press this’ a try!

Products and services.

Also got a new free e-book coming soon so I’ll let you know when that is coming.


Arohanui and sweet dreams from NZ




Letting go and making space.

It is a public holiday here in NZ and so I’m taking the easy option tonight and cutting and pasting an interesting post from else where 🙂

So after a weekend reflexology course which focused on the Digestive system and the importance of letting go, both physically (elimination) and mentally I thought this newsletter was a good follow up.


It isn’t Spring here, although the weather has been particularly nice to us lately, but a good clear out is great to do any time – you just need to be willing!

Inspiration and Transformation Newsletter

Spring Cleaning

© Lynne Namka, Ed. D.

Life is full of choices where we can seek to go with what is REAL and TRUTH or when we go down the false road.  Our experiences color the values that we give to objects and ideas.  In today’s world, we are bombarded with stimuli and stuff!  Our brains are over-loaded with commercials, unnecessary details, worn out ideas, experiences, and traumas of the past.  No wonder everyone seems to be having memory problems.  There is just too much stuff, both inner and outer!

The clutter can be emotional baggage of the mind left over from old worries, stubbornness, rigidity, fears and unresolved childhood issues.  It can be obsessions or addictions.  Clutter of the mind can be the false gods of possession, materialism, or a closed mind.  Unnecessary baggage is that which we cling to but has no real meaning.  At times we give in and take the easy way out and choose other false gods–the superficial, the addictions and dysfunctional relationships.  As Harrison said, it is all in the mind.

Clutter makes us feel overwhelmed and stuck.  It weighs us down.  We feel encumbered.  Henry David Thoreau reminded us that “The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life, which is required to be exchanged for it immediately or in the long run.”

The clutter can be physical possessions in terms of dispensable objects, bulging closets, overstuffed files and just plain junk!   Possessions can be functional and necessary or they can simple be a leftover accumulation of a lifetime.  Possessions cost us.  Life can become cluttered.  That which is unnecessary becomes heavy and time consuming.  We pay too much of our energy to maintain it. Much of what we own is just unnecessary clutter.

What we possess, we exchange our energy for.  Arthur Dirkman speaks of the “I of possession.”

“I want–energy going into possession.

I will–energy of intention put of work collecting.

I have–energy goes into maintaining.”

We are an accumulation of all that we have experienced in our life time.  At times we get bogged down with stuff and with outdated ideas.  We can’t pick up and carry everything with us.  Some causes, friends, possessions and ideas must be dropped along the way.  Hopefully, we learn to let go of unimportant things. Hopefully, we choose to carry the real instead of the imitation.  Hopefully we hang on to those things which represent our true self.

Maturity is a test of selection; knowing which values, ideas, people and objects with which to surround ourself.  Sometimes we just need a good spring housecleaning.  As Richard Cambridge said, “What is the worth of anything, but for the happiness ‘twill bring’?”  What is needed is a good sorting, throwing away and scrubbing of the mental and physical clutter in our lives.  We need to clear the cobwebs, dust the corners, shake out the rugs and rearrange the furniture in our minds.  With positive intent, we can become unencumbered.  The resulting feelings can be relief and freedom.

I always smile when my clients tell me that they started cleaning out their closets or garage.  I know the ritual of Spring Cleaning, even if it is done at any time of the year, is a splendid metaphor for the mental housecleaning that the person is doing in therapy.

Wisdom is acquiring the discrimination of choosing the REAL from the false gods.  This is discernment.  The discernment of knowing what is right and true for us comes from a greater source of wisdom that we tap into.  You can find the true desires in your life, rather than that which just catches your eye because it is shiny and glitter.  You can choose the substantial, not the fluff.

If you allow some quiet time in your life, you can listen to that inner wisdom that tells you when you are finished with something.  Through quiet sitting or meditation, you can sort out the unnecessary, the dispensable, and the clutter.  Inner clutter, outer clutter, it is all the same with the sorting out process.

So do your Spring Cleaning with vigor and excitement about what you will find out about yourself.

Sit quietly and ask for discernment about what is necessary and important for you to release.  And while you are there, drop down into your longing.  Do you yearn for a simpler life?   Numerous charitable organizations are there to help you out by relieving you of your outdated physical possessions.

And the inner clutter is merely fear beliefs that are asking you to bring them to the Light.  The gift is a release from the conflict that clutter brings.  In a quiet space in a corner of your mind that connects with the Greater Whole, you can find your own TRUTH.  And that is real. That alone is your truest possession.

Peace and Joy,


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