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My blog is still coming at you tomorrow with a yummy pizza recipe however after struggling and procrastinating about getting this on here I thought I would share 🙂 Plus I wanted to give ‘Press this’ a try!

Products and services.

Also got a new free e-book coming soon so I’ll let you know when that is coming.


Arohanui and sweet dreams from NZ




Taking those little, scary steps…


Last week I decided to take a few of those little, scary steps towards making one of my dreams real.  It has been a heart-beating journey each day I can tell you!  I’m really good at keeping busy and getting through lists just not so good and bringing my gifts into the world with confidence.

I often get inspired and all enthusiastic while out running in the mornings only to find that by the time I have showered and begun the day’s chores all that energy has disappeared.  It is then that the doubts begin to creep in and remind me of all the reasons I shouldn’t do things!  Over the weekend though I decided to begin taking a few of those little, scary steps.  I have tapped a lot since then, procrastinated a lot, meditated a lot and had quite a bit of Bach Flower Remedies I can tell you!! However here I am about to share 🙂

I have had a dream – for the past 8 years actually – to be able to give big to a charity which works with women.  It all began with a book filled with quotes from parents giving advice to new mothers away from their support network and, with a few other books in between, has lead to me creating an e-course dedicated to helping busy Mamas create the lives they dream of by reducing stress, regaining balance and really giving time to themselves.

mm e-book small

I’m really proud of my Magnificent Mamas e-course which  is a complete life coaching course and has everything in it busy Mamas need to can create fabulous, healthy and happy days while powerfully taking the reins of life. I have included lots of goodies and my big dream now is to sell 1000 copies of Magnificent Mamas e-course so that I can give a huge old donation to Women’s Refuge!!  Currently I’m working on converting it into an epub document so that I can sale in online bookstores and until then it is SALE time at Becoming Healthy 🙂

I have made Magnificent Mamas super cheap and discounted it by 75% so that is it now only $5. The reason?? Because I know that everything in it works and I really want to get it out there and share. You can also buy Magnificent Mamas (the PDF) on Lulu without the extras 🙂

MM e-book offer

It feels so big and scary!  In fact it terrifies me to put it out there and promote it however if I don’t then loads of women who need an affordable life coaching course they can do from home with miss out.  I would love your support and help to get the word out.  You don’t have to buy it for you …… it could be a fantastic gift for a loved one….. just sharing and passing the word on would be wonderful.

Hope this finds you Magnificent and taking your own little steps forward.



One year sugar free!


Well Easter is now done and dusted!  The second for me without chocolate as I have now gone a year with out it.  I would love to say a year without sugar however that little devil is everywhere – especially in condiments and restaurant food 🙂

Themselves Easter present and eggs.

Themselves Easter present and eggs.

It has however been a year without buying baking, without shop hot chocolates (I now make my own rice milk and cacao ones at home though that are just as yum), without fizzy drinks (kombucha aside), without lollies and as I mentioned a year without chocolate!  Honestly I never thought I would be writing this, let alone be happy about it.

Who would of thought I'd make a whole year??!!

Who would of thought I’d make a whole year??!!

Sometimes it does make me feel a bit deprived of treats and other times glad that I am not bombarding my body the way I used to with that much sugar.

So as a way of celebrating I thought I’d put on a ‘1 year without sugar’ special on my products and services.  Obviously those of you further a field won’t be able to take advantage of the reflexology – everything else though can be sorted online 🙂

Special Offer

Check it out!

Just go to Becoming Healthy , see what I have and get 30% off!



My first ever article in a magazine!


Yes!! My first ever article in someone else’s magazine and I’m feeling so excited and over the moon that I just had to share it here 😉  At the end is a link to get your FREE copy and since I’m feeling so happy I am adding a 50% special on my consultations and Magnificent Mamas Package.  All you, or your friends, need to do is click the ‘add to cart’ button then type ‘mothersday’ in the discount code box.


The ‘Resonate’ magazine is filled with stories about dispelling the myth that all you need to become an overnight sensation and earn a 6 or 7 figure income is to own a word processor and have a good idea. It is filled with inspiration about the honest ups and downs of life and trying to build a business – a look behind the doors if you like 😉

In the words of the editor: ‘The stories related here let you know that you’re not alone. It’s okay to be fearful, overwhelmed at times and let other things take more importance. It’s all part of the glorious dance we’re involved in called life and if it takes a while, even a few years, to start making progress in terms of where you want to be, it’s all fine. As long as you keep learning, be open to try out new things and keep moving forward, regardless of how slowly.’

To celebrate the first ever issue of Resonate eMagazine, they are giving away the first issue as a complimentary copy.  You can download yours here.