Stress – letting it go to find more balance.


Stress in its simplest definition is a force which is put on something. A force which pushes at us from a certain direction or pulls us in another direction. A direction which we hadn’t intended to go sometimes. For many people that force is the constant demands our lifestyles make on us.  Sometimes it is stress from the demands of work, sometimes family commitments and for many it is from trying to find a balance between work and family. We often overwork ourselves in a few areas of life (employment, household chores, family demands) which creates an imbalance (we’re not doing the things we really want to do like having fun or relaxing) and can leave us feeling stressed.

As I talked to a client about stress from working too much the other day and how Bach Flower Remedies could help I realized that it may be a useful post to pop out into the world.  While Rescue Remedy is the ‘go to’ for many when they are stressed and possibly the only Bach Flower Remedy people know, this is only a ‘band-aid’ until you can find the real reason for the stress.  There are actually 38 Flower Remedies in the range and they each cater for a different emotion. Each one designed to deal with the root issue of what you are experiencing. Bach Flower Remedies work best when you match the remedy to the individual and how they are feeling.

You may think your stress is from something happening outside of you. Something external which is responsible for triggering all this stress but actually it is your thoughts and emotions internally which really create the stress. It is the thoughts and emotions you associate with your situation either consciously or unconsciously which begin the stress cycle. Not what you wanted to hear that, I know!! The great thing is though that if this stress is created by something happening within you then you can make the change to lessen that stress, to let it go and find more balance. You can create the shift without having to wait for anything or anyone out in the world to change.

There are lots of ways to achieve this however Bach Flower Remedies can be really effective in helping making it happen. They can help in easing the stress by getting to the underlying thought or emotion and matching a remedy to that. It all comes down to ‘Why?’. When we can take a moment and ask ‘Why’, you can begin to unravel the tangle of thoughts which can perpetuate the stress. 

As you sit here reading this take a deep breath in through the nose and out through your mouth, letting the whole jaw relax.  Repeat that two more times and then ask yourself the following; ‘Why do I feel so stressed?’  ‘Why do I work so hard?’ ‘Why do I feel overwhelmed by all I have to do?’. See what comes up. Write things down if you want (that can help reduce stress in itself).

With each answer you can ask yet another ‘Why?’ to get even deeper. When you feel that you’re done, think about how you answered and look below to see if there is a Bach Flower Remedy which may be effective in helping you release those stressed feelings.

My why = I overwork because I don’t want to disappoint anyone.  Try Centaury

My why = I overwork because I like to get it right (perfectionism). Try Rock Water

My why = I overwork because I have to provide for my family. Try Red Chestnut

My why = I overwork because I fear that I’ll lose my job. Try Mimulus

My why = I overwork because I like to do it my way (not able to delegate). Try Vine

My why = I overwork because I’m the only one who can do it on time. Try Impatiens

My why = I overwork because I don’t feel that I can give up and so I need to carry on. Try Oak

My why = I overwork because I feel it is my responsibility. Try Elm

My why = I overwork because it is what I have always done. Try Chestnut Bud

Obviously not everyone has a Bach Flower Remedy kit in the home but there are numerous places which can make you up a remedy – including me 🙂 – or where you can purchase bottles of the remedy you feel you need. Sometimes just the identifying of the issue can clear 90% of the stress! If you want to find out more about Bach Flowers before you try then check out my articles and books

Hope this finds you tipping the scales in the direction you want to create more balance and less stress.



The Challenge


This past week I set myself a challenge. A challenge which I haven’t done all that well with. My challenge? To quit complaining for a week. Sounds simple right? That’s what I thought too …. as I set my intention at the start of the week it all seemed straight forward enough but as the days went by the severity of my challenge began to stink in.

It has amazed me that in focusing on not moaning, complaining or bitching I now realise just how much I do! Sometimes I hear myself saying things as they come spilling out of my mouth without any real thought … that is how ingrained my habit is obviously. Admittedly not all of it is external, sometimes I catch the thought before it leaves my mouth, but it has become apparent that my days are scattered full of wee moments of complaint. They are short lived and fleeting to be sure but there never the less.

In the process of noticing my own moaning I have also become sharply aware of others comments and/or tone. I find myself constantly questioning ‘Is this complaining about something/someone or just explaining about a difficult situation?’ What can seem like a statement is easily turned into a moan with the tone used or a look given. Sometimes I even find myself complaining in a joking way ….. having a laugh and making it feel less of a complaint. Is this still complaining when I make light of an uncomfortable situation? It may get a laugh but at what cost to me and the other person involved?

The Stress Experts blog explains it this way …. ‘So, complaining is what you do when you are in a negative state/mood and you talk about negative things, hoping someone will join you in the swill you’re swimming in.’ When I look at it that way I tend to let myself off the hook a little. My complaining tends to be an offload without wanting anyone to ‘come swim in the swill with me’ though sometimes (if I’m being completely honest) that is kind of nice too! My intention usually isn’t to ‘get at anyone’ or moan incessantly. Ultimately my intention is to take more responsibility in my life and moaning about things is pretty much the opposite of that. Hence the challenge! As Bryon Katie says (and I’m paraphrasing here) there are three kinds of business; yours, theirs and the universe’s. You can’t do jack about two of them so may as well just focus on your own business and make the most of that. Complaining about the other two isn’t going to get me anywhere and while it can be hard to ‘leave’ some stuff alone, I always feel better when I do.

I haven’t completely stopped myself whinging, complaining or moaning and I’m not even sure if that is possible if I’m being honest but I am definitely catching myself more. Catching myself both internally with my thoughts and externally which is allowing me space to either stop or redirect the conversation more. The good thing is that in complaining less and looking for the positives more I am actually helping to reduce my stress and find more balance which is something all of us can benefit from. So I’m going to continue with it this week; practise makes perfect they say.

Hope this finds you happy, healthy and loving the life you’re in …. warts and all



Drowning in Goodness … again


This a bit of a reblog/rehashed blog today. I remembered that I wrote about this six years ago as I was feeling overwhelmed on the weekend. Overwhelmed at all the awesome things I had going on. Overwhelmed with how I could fit them all in and still feel calm. I like knowing that I get certain things done each day ….. a routine if you like but not with any set time frame but lately it is a rush to get those things done and everything else that is going on.

This is a first-world, privileged problem to be sure yet that doesn’t make it feel any less real. Sometimes I have to pinch myself a bit and say ‘WTF …. you have so much.  If there is too much going on let go of something.’  However this is where my biggest fault lies …. I’m useless at letting go especially when I’m enjoying it all!! I like to think I’m getting better on the material side however that internal voice that keeps telling me that I need to do more is constant. I get ideas and then I want to make them a reality even when they push my boundaries. As a consequence I sign myself up to too may things or decide I want to get too many things done in a certain time frame …. I accept the free language course, I plan a workshop, I agree to go out, I offer to take people places, I write that blog – yay, doing that ;), I work on writing my book, bake for my Infant Massage class, I work on an upcoming EFT course all at the same time as home-schooling, taxing themselves, keeping house and trying to keep sane!

Yep … so really feeling like I am drowning in goodness at the moment.  How do you let go of all that goodness though?  How do I prioritize which is deserving of attention first?  Usually it is the loudest ones that get first dibs … themselves that is ;). So here I am sharing a thought instead driving someone somewhere or preparing for this weekend’s workshop.  Here I am taking a breath and letting go of all the demands for the next little bit to enjoy sitting down with a book while the rain comes down outside, the baking cools and the washing spins away.

I hope that if you’re reading this and feeling the same you can join me in my ‘life-ring’ of rest … before diving back into it all.



Finding Love


For a few years now I have been subscribed to a ‘Daily Dose’ of inspiration by Light Watkins. I stumbled across it without knowing that it was exactly what I was looking for and I have been grateful ever since. Now every morning my email brings me a little food for thought to start my day on. It is just a little something which takes me out of the speeding train in my head and into the now.

Since then I have been part of his ‘Happiness Insiders’, which has challenged me to complete over a year of consistent meditation to date. I have also enjoyed being part of an online book club which is exposing me to different authors and genre I would not normally of even considering. My world is slowly expanding in different ways.

The thing is though if anyone had told me I needed to read this or needed to do that my immediate reaction would have been rebellion. I would have moved further away from whatever they suggested, either consciously or subconsciously. Even if it is to my detriment I would continue, at least until a wake up call arrives to tell me to ‘sort my sh!+ out’! It is the story of my life in fact. Whatever was ‘fashionable’ and ‘trendy’ at the time was exactly what I didn’t like. I liked to buck the trend and back the outsider but mostly I think it is not wanting to be told what to do. I like doing things differently. I guess it makes me feel that I have more control over my own life …. that I’m not one of the millions …. even if it isn’t always the smartest choice.

You’d think with my will to ‘do things as I please’ I would be more understanding of others having their own way too. Sadly, this is not always true but the meditation and reading different ideas on life is helping. I’m learning to take a deep breath when I feel the need to direct others and keep my mouth shut. I’m learning to give love and understanding rather than judgement and criticism. If I’m being honest though, at the moment I am mostly in that stage of knowing but not doing very consistently. They say practice makes perfect so fingers crossed! So when Light Watkins dropped this in my inbox the other week it was a great reminder for me and as it fits so well with my ‘Advice’ piece the other week that I thought I would share it with you too 🙂

Hope this finds you living the life you want and letting others do the same.





I remember years ago hearing a comedian talking about this topic. The one thing I took away from it was ‘A piece of advice is like an @$$hole; everyone has one but that doesn’t mean we want to see or hear yours.’ I have carried this gem with me for years now and always think about it as I proffer my ‘advice’ to others. I say think about it because it rarely actually stops me opening my mouth and spouting something to some unsuspecting soul. I thought I was pretty good though at not giving too much advice (well not as much as I secretly wanted to give) and trying to get the other person to follow what felt right for them but now that I have teenagers in the house I can see that may not be the case. There is nothing like a surly teenager to put you in your place and show you that your advice is meaningless to them!

Following my own advice and getting out in nature for a walk

For most of us when we hear that someone else is having a bad time of things we often want to help, maybe even rescue them. The most common and easiest way seems to be giving our advice, regardless of whether or not it has been asked for. We often think we have the answer to others problems and so want to share our knowledge. In my experience so far though, this isn’t the case. Sometimes themselves (our teenagers) actually get a bit peeved off if I do have the correct information to help them move forward, like they want to have a unsolvable problem. Sound familiar? Do they want the challenge of figuring it out for themselves or do they just enjoy moaning? From the lack of action I sometimes see I’m thinking it is the latter, with them at least. With others I would say that the majority of times I have offered unsolicited advice (which I think is the kind of advice most of us give) I can see that it was like ‘water off a duck’s back’. Their eyes kind of glaze over and the rhythmic head nodding begins as they block me out without actually telling me to ‘P!$$ off’.

I realize too that I am often one of the worst offenders of that glazed look and heading nodding. Though I do hear what people say I often won’t accept the validity of their advice until much later, sometimes not until someone else has told me a similar piece of advice. Sometimes not until my world is in collapse! They say we need to be exposed to things multiple times before we accept it so maybe I can use that as my excuse for now. I guess though we all like to think we have things sorted and if we don’t have our issues sorted now, that we can sort them if we really wanted to. I often wonder too why I share things that are going bad when I there is a part of me which doesn’t want any advice on solving it. What is the need in me to let others know the bad rather than all the good in my life? Is it a form of bonding? A form of self trimming tall poppy syndrome? I’m not sure but I do remember a friend telling me that in some cultures when someone asks how you are, you are expected to tell them something that is going wrong. The idea being that this way you make the other person feel good about their lives as sharing loads of good news is seen as boastful. So maybe it is an inbuilt survival tool.

Maybe there is a happy medium somewhere in giving advice; somewhere in the midst of limiting what we share which we don’t want advice on and asking others if they want help, advice or our opinion before we actually give it. I’m certainly still looking for it. Until I do find it I think I will continue spouting my ‘advice’ on here, oblivious to how it is received, so at least you have the option to close the tab rather than feigning interest 🙂



Why stress and worry?


So often we increase our stress levels simply by worrying about everything we have to do, what others think or that we are not living up to our potential while everyone else around us seem to have their lives sorted. Truth is that if we had an opportunity to take even the tiniest peek into those ‘other lives’ we would recognize the same fears, worries, un-decidedness and underlying troubles we ourselves have.

It is easy to compare ourselves for better or worse with others however it doesn’t always serve us very well. We don’t really know what the other person it thinking or feeling and we don’t know what they have experienced. You can always benefit from seeing how others deal with issues in a positive way; just comparing yourself and rating yourself better or worse will never bring true, long term gains. Our stress and worry levels are determined by one major factor – how we react to the events in our lives – not by how we are ‘measuring up . Event + Response / Reaction = Outcome. (Canfield, The Success Principles, 2015). So how we decide to react can bring us more or less stress and more or less happiness in life.

The question is then; if we are all going through similar problems and our stress levels are decided by how we response to those problems then what are we to do? Give up? Go with the flow? Battle it all? Find a compromise? Or change the way we respond to problems to move forward? All are valid, and possible, plans of action. Whatever we choose we would be able to justify in our minds, and to others, so maybe a better questions would be ‘How can I live a more relaxed life’; ‘What would serve me positively’; or ‘Which actions will enable me to grow as a person?’

Even when it seems that it is other people who have created the problem if we are worried or stressed about it then it is our issue. We can’t change others, only ourselves. However; and here is where the magic comes in, sometimes in changing ourselves, in reacting to events in a different way, the people around us want to change too. Problems and issues seem to lessen or disappear, the stress eases and life feels better. The law of attraction states that ‘like will attract like’ so the more positive and calm we are the more positivity and calmness we attract and the reverse is also true. So which would you choose?

By focusing on the present, being grateful for all the positives and abundance we have, and moving forward from there we will attract those who are also thinking along the same lines. The past is already history, it has created the people we are for better or for worse and the future is still a mystery. While we can acknowledge the past and have goals for the future if we stay in either place too long it can leave us in a stagnant space dwelling or dreaming rather than acting. Here and now is where and when life is happening!

As the Dalai Lama is quoted as saying “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.”



Goodness of nature


Every morning come rain or shine I head out with our four legged friends for a walk. It has become a bit of a ritual, in fact it has now got to the point where I don’t even think about walking or not …. I just get up, put on my exercise clothes and go. I have noticed, over the years, that not only is their behaviour and energy levels better during the day but so are mine! Sure some days the walk is less energetic than others. Some days the walk is shorter than others but everyday I know that if I miss our walk I just won’t feel as good that day.

When we’re out it is my time to reflect on the day before, thinking what I could have done differently, and also to ‘prepare’ for the day ahead by saying a few affirmations as I walk. We also invariably get to chatting to another walker (usually a neighbour) at some point, get distracted by some new ‘stinky’ highlights (that is more the dogs than me it has to be said) or just enjoy the birdsong and the elements. Not being that eager to venture out too much in a day if I can help it, our morning walk is the main time when I get to tick off some of the ‘Five Ways to Well-being’ in a day. It is my way of ensuring I’m taking action about my health rather than feeling on the back foot and reacting when things don’t feel so great.

There is a lot of research out there which backs up what I’m experiencing too. The benefits of exercise on our health are proven but actually getting out into nature when you’re being active can amplify those benefits. Making the time to go outside and be in nature – both green (trees, grass, bush) and blue (rivers, lakes, sea) spaces – can also boost your well-being in many different ways. Using the green and blue spaces around you as part of your well-being routine can improve and regulate your moods, reduce stress and also help you feel more connected to the world. Evidence suggests that being in nature for more than 120 – 150 minutes a week (around 20 mins a day) is related to the best possible physical, as well as mental, health and well-being.

Getting the benefits of the blue and green effect

Now I’m aware that not everyone is as fortunate as us to have a river walk on their doorstep but being in nature can refer to many different things. It doesn’t have to be a mammoth trek in the mountains or an epic swim in the sea. It may be parks, gardens and allotments in an urban setting or even a trip to a wildlife park. It may be working on the land or being on farmland. It may be short bush walks or just the local botanical gardens. Maybe a stroll along a creek, stream, river or lake. Even sitting by the water fountain in the park will help gain some positive blue and green health effects.

Just stepping out onto your lawn to do a few breathing exercises and moving the body will help boost the impact of what you are doing. Getting into your garden (not my specialty I have to say), reading outside, taking a lunch break in the outdoors or just making the most of that walk to the car can all count. The best thing is there is nothing to lose in trying to add a bit more nature in your life and everything to gain.

Hope this finds you exploring, enjoying and engaging in the nature around you.



Life Lessons for the Living


Recently I attended a couple of writing courses which have been great inspiration for writing of my book on health and well-being along with my long-suffering family history stories. Better yet though is that a little spin off group has occurred, which I was lucky enough to be invited too. Each week we share our writing and discuss our progress with the security of knowing we are among trusted friends. The other week we were given a topic to write on. It was a topic which got my brain firing and my fingers moving as I combined information about my self and well-being.

Some South Island sunshine and nature to brighten your day.

The topic was ‘What story would you tell if you only had one year to live’. I thought I would share it here too. Maybe, just maybe, there is something in it for you or those you love even if it is just some inspiration to write your own story……….

‘In my life there have been many stories that I have shared with those who matter and some with those who don’t. In fact, I can think of only one story that my children haven’t heard the full detail of.  In my mind it is the one story that would be better told by another, if at all.  In all my stories though there are themes which often repeat themselves; life lessons that are presented to me continuously.  Some have had to be presented via a proverbial ‘brick to the head’ while others have simmered away growing in strength as time goes by. So, with a year to live the story I would tell is ‘Life Lessons for the Living.’

  1. It is never too late to start

While Mum always told me I didn’t have any patience and was always in a rush to do things, both of which are true, I have not always met ‘expected time frames’ with regards to societal norms.  It maybe the quiet rebel in me that made me start driving much later than all my peers, go to university and beginning my degree at least a decade later than others and learn Spanish in my 30’s after wasting so much time at school determined not to learn French.   I finally traveled New Zealand in my 40’s; fulfilling my dream of living in a house bus.  Then at nearly 50 I started learning drums and roller-skating again, though not simultaneously.  So, whatever it is you want to start doing, be it learning, forgiving, moving or maybe just being don’t let anyone tell you it is too late. Especially not that little chatterbox in your head. Opportunities abound to support you starting your dream when you begin to look.  Thankfully, my mother passed on in unspoken deeds that there was never any age limit on life, never any limit  to what you could do or when it was possible to do it.  As Henry Ford once said ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right’.

2. Trust your intuition

This is one of the most important lessons I have learnt and which I am still learning every day.  Research tells us that we actually have two ‘brains’, the brain we all know and the stomach or more accurately the digestive system.  The cells in the brain and the gut originate from the same tissues and basically decided to take two separate roads of development.  Both have the power to help govern what we do.  That churning stomach or those ‘butterflies’ may be just as informative as any thought power we give to an issue.  These two, the brain and the digestive system, are also linked with the Vargas nerve so are constantly working together with their shared neurotransmitters and hormones.  My advice, for what it is worth, is to listen closely to that little funny feeling you get or that gut reaction to events and trust it. Too often I have ignored my intuition only to have it proven correct at a later date.  Our brain rationalizes events whereas our gut instinct or intuition invariably reads the situation exactly how it is. So, trust yourself and reap the benefits. 

3. Find and follow your own path

I know, I know it’s a complete cliché but it’s true.  The importance of following your own path is beyond expression.  For much of my life I tried my hardest to adapt, mould and modify myself into what I thought others wanted.  In the end it was always in vain; you can never please people who want you to change nor those who aren’t happy with who you are.  Only in those times where I did what I truly wanted in my heart, following my intuition of course, did I feel happiest and actually attracted the feelings I had previously searched for.  Often, we change things about ourselves and our behaviour because we think we need to.  We assume that in following others’ expectations we will make them happy, achieve our goals or even be happier ourselves. In my experience though those achievements are short lived and hollow unless you feel that the whole of you is still there. We are all important and invaluable to life in our own unique way so find your ‘path’, stick to it and share your treasures with the world

4. Keep the joy in your life alive

Sometimes life can be a bitch.  We all know it and we’ve all experienced it however what we sometimes don’t realise is that ultimately, we have power to decide how life impacts us in the long term.  Whether a horrible event causes us great suffering or whether it directs us to joyous new places is up to us depending on the perspective we take.  Lessons in adaption and growth, lessons in how to find more joy can only occur when we are willing to look at life differently.   As the Archbishop Desmond Tutu says in The Book of Joy, ‘We are meant to live in joy.’ Joy can be found anywhere, at any time when we look.  An event may send us into a spin.  It may sap the joy from our day quicker than we thought possible yet in breathing deep and changing our perspective that same event may direct us to joy as we distract ourselves by going for a walk and seeing the beauty of nature. We are hard-wired to remember and focus on the negative; it is one of our oldest survival tools. In changing our perspective though we can also see and savour all those little things that bring a smile to our face, that light up our day and bring joy into our lives.

5. Invest in your health

I really wish I had learnt lesson earlier in life but as my first life lesson states ‘it is never too late to start’.  At nearly 50 years old I am now in better health and have a greater sense of well-being than I did 30 years ago.  In all honesty, it was a classic case of not listening to the advice I am now giving; I certainly didn’t listen to my intuition or my gut as I blindly skipped along the garden path of all and sundry. Overeating, overspending, oversleeping and over drinking.  Even when it didn’t really fill me with any joy, even when it ended in pain I still continued. I now realise too that health is not just the physical and if you ignore the other aspects of health such as emotional, spiritual and mental then you can become even sicker than just ignoring the physical.  I love Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā model where he likens health to a home; the walls that protect you are Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Community well-being, which includes family, while nature is at the base of it all.  Research backs this up as a connection with nature can be a great foundation which ensures our whare or well-being is secure and stable.  I also like to add that all the tools we learn along the way act as the roof. A protective cover which helps us when the ‘bad weather’ comes.  Humans are intrinsically lazy; we will often opt for comfort and ease over effort.  It is easy to make an excuse not to exercise, not to contact a friend, not to meditate, not to expand our horizons. I know I have done it many times! However, that little bit of effort to take action, to make the unfamiliar familiar will reap more rewards than you can imagine. Creating connections, moving our body, stimulating our mind and being in nature will always leave us feeling happier and healthier.

So, with a year to live this is the story I would tell.  A story about the lessons I have learnt. A story of life lessons for the living.



Tapping World Summit


Apologies for the lack of blogging!  I haven’t been doing much baking lately as I have been spending time taking part in activities which make me feel renewed ……I have to confess that while I love baking the scoffing part of it doesn’t usually fill me with feelings of renewal 🙂  Hence it has taken a back seat for a while.


Sunset walks with himself

Instead I have been focusing on learning some languages, getting into nature each day, playing my guitar and getting on top of some emotional baggage.  It is amazing how much ‘rubbish’ I was holding onto, even when I thought I had dealt with issue!  After tapping each day and doing my other renewing activities, I have been blown away by the changes I have been experiencing and how much more my days are flowing.

So in case any of you want to feel a bit renewed I thought I would share this link to the Tapping World Summit.  It has been on for the last 10 days however this is a link to be able to listen and tap along to all the talks.  It is time sensitive so it will be ending very soon however I thought it was worth sharing; Tapping World Summit

I hope it gets to you in time … if not then check out YouTube for some free tap along videos on a host of topics.



The holiday let down


Well I’m at a bit of a loss for inspiration this week after arriving back from a warm winter break in Fiji to the strong icy winds that we have blowing here at the moment.  All I really want to do is snuggle up in bed with a good book!!  So following that thought I’ve decided to just go with the ‘lazy flow’ and share my e-books with you ….. in case you have the urge to snuggle up with a book too 🙂


Take it Easy

In this busy interconnected and wired-up world stress seems to be a natural part of daily life. Right? Wrong! Life doesn’t have to be a rush. What if you could take it easy and create a ‘stress-less’ life for yourself? With my simple tools and ideas you can discover simple ways to reduce your stress and be on your way to creating exactly that – A ‘Stress-Less’ Life. This e-book will guide you through five simple steps to help you create a life where you are enjoying your days and experiencing less stress while improving your health and well-being.


corrected copy

Magnificent Mamas (really for anyone though as it has all my pearls of wisdom in it)

Regain balance, rediscover the joy in each day and live your dream with this 12 week program. Life is busy and when children are added to the mix life can get hectic. Often it is easy to lose sight of the things that really matter and forget to give time to yourself along with remembering your dreams. Now Magnificent Mamas with take you through week by week to create the life that you want and can have. There are tips and ideas for finding balance, for self- care and for achieving your goals and dreams.



Creating a Vivacious You

Losing weight and feeling great doesn’t have to be complicated or cost lots of money. In a world where we are bombarded with new ‘diets’, ‘quick fix’ solutions and numerous products for improving our lives it is easy to forget that actually the basic rules for having health and well-being still apply. This book guides you through some ‘back to basics’ steps which will help you to feel healthier, feel happier and help create your ideal body.




Finding Calm and Balance

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to use Bach Flower Remedies with confidence. Find out how you can begin to gain more balance, more calm and less stress naturally through using Bach Flower Remedies. This guide covers what Bach Flower Remedies are, how to select them for yourself and others, how to use them and affirmations to support your chosen remedies along with a section on using Bach Flower Remedies with children. If you are interested in becoming healthy naturally and healing then this is a must have book for you.



Mother’s Little Helper

Discover easy, natural remedies and ideas for healing your children with Mother’s Little Helper by Yossarian Fay. This book is loaded with ideas to help you to continue on your journey of Becoming Healthy and ensure your children are becoming healthy too. There are recipes, kitchen cures, a section on using Bach Flower remedies with children, information on how to use EFT and reflexology with your children, making this a must have book for your collection.


Hope this finds you relaxed, mentally nourished and ready to enjoy the week ahead