A different kind of advent


Today I had a bit of a revelation!! In the midst of de-cluttering, sorting my ‘stuff’ and bemoaning that as soon as I clear a space more ‘stuff’ fills it (especially at Christmas Time) I suddenly realised just how abundant my life actually is.  Today I saw just how much abundance was around me in my everyday life and realised that I was pretty lucky to have so much when others don’t.

This revelation then suddenly linked itself (as thoughts often do) to something I had spotted on Facebook the other night which focused on passing the abundance on.  It was such a great idea that I left the computer to go and begin at once!! So I am going to share it here so that if some of you are thinking/worrying/anticipating the Christmas increase of ‘stuff’ then you can pass on a bit of your abundance too.


The beginnings of our bag. Decided to put in a week at a time 🙂

It is simple enough…… instead of having an advent calendar which you open and collect goodies out of you have an advent box or bag which you put goodies into. 25 items – one each day – that you then give to a local foodbank, homeless person or person in need on Christmas Eve.  It is so simple and do-able for so many of us that I wanted to share.   Of course it doesn’t need to stop at Christmas…… we can share our abundance any time of the year 🙂

Many of us are stocking the cupboards for Christmas anyway and many more of us stock them all year round.  So why not let some of the abundance which has come to us this year be passed on to others?  Maybe if we focus on receiving things with joy and then passing them on, be it food/clothing/gifts/books or whatever we can spread a bit more abundance everywhere.

Hope this finds you enjoying the life you are in.




Counting reasons to be grateful


I used to post on Facebook, at the end of each monthly, about all the things/people/events I was grateful for.  It seems though that in between getting on here to blog, home-educating, writing articles, having consultations and connecting with people I haven’t done one for ages!

So I thought it would be best to just combine it all and make it my last Monday of the month blog – ‘Counting reasons to be grateful’.  When I actually stop and think, there are so many people who help me each month to move forward, so many people who help me stay positive, so many events which I am lucky enough to be part of and so many things to be grateful for. It is just that often I’m so busy rushing along to achieve all my dreams that I forget all the splendid and wonderful moments I have been given.  That is why I love doing this list.  I know that half the people I am grateful for won’t ever read this, or even know that I am truly grateful, however in putting it out there I feel that I am at least taking time to acknowledge them 🙂

Why don’t you join me and create your own list?  You could blog about it, tweet, text, Facebook or use any other social media you can think of to share the love around.  Remind yourself of all the wonderful things in your life that you are grateful for and I guarantee you will feel fantastic at the end of it. Try it!  Go on, write that list and share it with the world!

Thanks so much to the following:  My supportive husband, my lovely kids, my health, my extended family, my friends, Boundless Explorers FB group, Ata Mai Education Trust, Bach Flower remedies, EFT, Life Learner’s camps, Sunny days for birthdays, warmth on a rainy day, a dog who always wants to run, all the wonderful women I have connected with through Leonie Dawson’s ‘Amazing Life and Biz Academy’, Google for helping me find great inspirational quotes :), Carol Look, Brad Yates, the local library, Book Island, family stories shared, Resonate Magazine, freebies on the internet, old photos, start right series of books, new business connections, my clients, followers and subscribers (so grateful to you all!), SPCA, Mid-summer madness gift-a-thon, Brownies, Keas group, Mailchimp, Dept. of Conservation, Play Mobile for replying to my boy’s letter, the toy library, our ‘Boney’ chicken for all her yummy eggs (yes that really is her name!), Matariki, Veronika Maser and her fermentation course, local glow worm caves, Bush walks in the sun, exploring West Coast Beaches, Fivver, letters (actual receive in the letter box and open up the envelope kind) from friends, the kid’s pen pals, online family history websites, inquisitive minds, runs under the stars, hearing the sea from my bed along everything else which has made me stop, smile and realise what a great month it has been.