Shopping Habits


Since being on the bus we have had to change our shopping habits quite a lot.  It is not only the fact of discontinuing to purchase all those ‘in case someone pops over’ items such as milk, coffee and sugar, it is also the way we are buying that is changing.

With limited cupboard and fridge space we can no longer stockpile as now we have to restrict our shopping to replacement only items.  This is fine by us and while it does require multiple trips to the supermarket is it good knowing exactly what is in our cupboards day to day.  I know for some of you reading this you already shop this way … local markets, fresh produce … however for us it is a new experience.  We usually do a weekly shop where we get enough to last us the whole week (or close to) and then repeat the process the next week. Even with a co-op shop it is a month’s worth of dry goods at a time that I purchase.


The majority of my food storage space

What I am noticing now as I shop is that maybe what I thought was our choice to shop weekly actually isn’t completely our choice.  You see as I head down the supermarket aisles I am noticing more and more that there are incentives laid out to encourage you to buy more.  Lately when I have gone to buy broccoli it is often on a ‘2 for $3’ special where as one head of broccoli is $2 and they are not alone.  All sorts of canned items and other produce is in for the ‘special offer’ ride.

I feel the urge to buy more, save more … unfortunately I also feel the pressure of our limited space and reminded of just how insane moving things to get other things makes me feel.  My new year (bus life) intentions are to find more local places to buy from, more road side stalls and market places.  I can already feel that it will take much more effort than I am currently putting into shopping, which is probably why I am still down at the supermarket struggling with my urge to buy less and the temptation of getting more for my dollar, though hopefully slowly and surely I can create a change in our buying habits.

Hope this finds you warm, dry and healthy.